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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Exuberance Shawl

I know that the best way to show off a finished hand knit is with a photo shoot in a gorgeous location complete with a gorgeous model. However, sometimes done is better than perfect and that’s why I’m showing you un-modeled photos of my Exuberance Shawl, taken on the fence outside my office at the library.

Even without the fancy setting and talented model, it’s a beautiful shawl. It’s big, too! I had to use my wide angle lens to get the whole wingspan of it into one shot.

Then I switched to my favorite prime lens, the 50mm, to get the detail shots. The shape is a half pi so the construction is different than the typical triangular shawl with increases on each edge and down the middle.

Each small lace section is set off with a stockinette section and boy was I grateful when I got to that stockinette portion each time. Patterning on both sides of a lace chart is definitely not my favorite thing to knit.

The final large lace section was more straightforward and I love the way it looks.

I also love the chain loops along the edging.

The yarn is Schaefer Yarn Company Andrea and it’s 100% silk. And also discontinued. Sorry about that. Slippery and slick, I dropped more stitches than I want to admit. But I managed to get back on track without too much trouble each time and it’s done and it’s blocked and now I can wear it.

And that’s the real pay off, after all.

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  1. Carole! That’s such a beautiful shawl and you picked an elegant color. The pattern may have had troubled spots but this shawl was worth the effort. It’s AMAZING!

  2. Stunning! I do hope we’ll eventually see a modeled shot, as well, but I’m glad you didn’t make us wait.

    Oy. Schaefer Andrea and I have a history.

  3. The shawl is exquisite and kudos on your bravery to take on a two-sided lace pattern. By the way, the fence photo is lovely!

  4. Gorgeous and in silk too! Pure silk and I just do not get along. Imagining how good your shawl feels on is almost enough to make me break out some of the silk lace yarn I have, almost.

  5. I love pure silk and this shawl is gorgeous. Kudos to you — I can’t seem to correct my mistakes easily with lace. Lots of ripping back in frustration.

  6. Beautiful! I’m going to miss the Schaefer yarn. I stashed a bit when I heard they were going away.

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