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A Month of Photos: September

Ready for the September 2013 photo mosaic?

sept mosaic

We had birthdays and parties and lots and lots of flowers. Summer ended and autumn began and I managed to capture it all. It was a very good – and very pretty! – month.

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  1. Lovely pics, as always!

    Has summer really ended? Here in NYC it seems like we only have 2 seasons: winter and summer. And today we’re supposed to have a high of 82.

  2. Look at all the flowers! Next month the blossoms won’t be quiet as plentiful. Your mosaics show just how much fun you have in a month.

  3. Good stuff! I’m looking at that wee pic on the bottom row… are you taking up belly dancing?! ;^)

  4. The Autumn season lends itself to some nice photos! My favorite photo is still the one of your Color Affection 🙂

  5. Just reread the post “Warm Hats not Hot Heads” at the bottom of today’s; sadly, still way too apropos. But I really like that West hat pattern and have made it a number of times.

  6. I must remember to make the grapefruit drink!! Your sky pic may be my favorite of the month. Happy weekend

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