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Ten On Tuesday

autumn mosaic

It’s no secret to any of you that I’m a summer girl. I love hot days and sultry nights. I love the beach and the sun and grilling on the deck. However. It’s October now and it’s time to accept that summer is over (it’s a little hard to believe right now since as I’m typing this it’s 75 and very humid here) and that’s why today’s Ten on Tuesday topic (suggested by the brilliant Kym) is 10 Ways I’m Embracing Autumn.

  1. Changing leaves. The colors are so beautiful, even here where it’s mostly flat.
  2. Local apples. My favorite is Honey Crisp but the local Macs are really good, too.
  3. Pumpkins. I like them for baking and I like them for decorating.
  4. Squash. We have an abundance of butternut, acorn, and even a fancy-looking turban squash. I love them all.
  5. Windows free from air conditioners. Being able to see out of all my windows again is wonderful.
  6. Fall decorations. Outside we have mums and pumpkins and inside we have jack o’lanterns and candles and leaves and more.
  7. Party planning. Our annual Halloween party is coming up and I’m working on the menu and Dale is working on the scary decorations.
  8. Spying wildlife. Turkeys are on the cranberry bogs and deer are in the fields.
  9. Cozy nights. I don’t love the shorter days that are coming but I do love coming home from work and lighting some candles and snuggling on the couch with Dale while we watch TV.
  10. Cranberry harvest. Trucks full of bright red berries go by my office window several times a day. They are strewn along the side of the road from when they bounce off of those trucks. Cranberries are everywhere here and I love it.

There are lots of things to love about autumn in New England and I’m making the most of it. How are you embracing the season where you live? Click on the button below to add your link. Want to receive an email with the Ten on Tuesday topic every Monday? Click here.

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  1. I’m a summer girl, too (as you know) . . . but once I embrace fall (and I’m starting to), it’s pretty darn wonderful, too.

  2. I miss the berries of summer, but I think you knew that already. Anyway, autumn is the beginning of getting to wear my hand knits and go to Rhinebeck. Are you going this year?

  3. Fall is a beautiful season, but this year we’re not getting much chance to enjoy it as winter is trying to horn in! I love wearing sweaters and the root veggies of fall and so much more!

  4. I’d be able to embrace fall for many of the same reasons as you, if it weren’t for the shortening days and knowing that winter comes next. I’m surprised you didn’t have any knitting or wool wearing on your list! I like how fall makes sweater knitting new and fresh very year.

  5. All things pumpkin … the coffee, the candles, the muffins, bagels, etc. – oh, and the BEER! I also love sitting on our deck at the lake house, looking at the beautiful colors across the crystal clear, glass smooth lake. Never get tired of that!

  6. I just love this time of year. It’s not too cold yet, you can still enjoy the outdoors. It’s so funny how the leaves are changing up by you and we still have mostly green with a touch of color starting. What a difference 30 miles makes!

  7. Soup, stews, baking… I am all about fall cooking! I usually start thinking about my Thanksgiving menu in August. I am also discovering some great pumpkin beers this year. Southern tier Pump king is really good!

  8. Another great 10 on Tuesday topic. The image of trucks rolling by filled with cranberries is breathtaking. A few days ago, the news here featured a stunning photo of golden quaking aspen trees against a snowy backdrop. Sounds to me like color is one of the absolute best parts of autumn.

  9. this is my favorite season by far. the light at the time of year is the best. the sky is at it’s bluest. and even when it’s gray, with the yellow and orange leaves it’s grellow at it’s best. i don’t have to wear a coat yet but i’ve pulled out my fall/winter clothes which are my favorite. the darker colors are more flattering to my pasty skin/dark hair. and even though i’ve been out of school longer than i was in school, the fall always feels like the beginning of the year.

  10. I have to admit that I am looking forward to putting the lawn mower up for the year! I do my own yard work so I can spend the money I would pay someone else to do it on fiber & yarn, but I really hate doing it. If I ever win the lottery—forget fancy vacations and all of that—I just want someone else to cut my grass and pull weeds.

  11. I love summer too, but the fall is so pretty this year. I love all things pumpkin also, so I guess I do like fall as well.

  12. I forgot about a/c- and screen-free windows. I love being able to see clearly again. Oh, and fresh, unfiltered cider — yumm!

  13. I was a summer girl before I moved south…now I live for spring and fall 🙂 I always thought of cranberries as a winter thing, but I saw them fresh at costco today…and seeing them on your list, I’m adding them to mine – along with those honeycrisp apples and pears 🙂 I had a great time with this list – thank you (and Kym)!

  14. Like Margene, those of us in Boise are struggling to find fall. We’re 15 – 20 degrees cooler than we should be. But I’m making a pumpkin pasta dish this weekend in an attempt to encourage fall to shove winter pack down the calendar!

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