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A Month of Photos: October

It’s the beginning of November and that means it’s time to showcase my October photo mosaic. October is when fall is in full swing where I live and I think that certainly shows in these photos.

october mosaic for carole knits

Still a few flowers but lots of foliage and Halloween and comfort food, too.  Add in some photos of entertaining and nesting and just enjoying my family and friends and it looks like October was pretty good around here.

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  1. October is such a beautiful month. You enjoyed it to its fullest! We’ve been eating the pumpkins and squash bought last month. They are SO tasty! Fall in a globe of golden goodness.

  2. Lovely! You could publish your own calendar featuring the month photos you have accumulated. Print and copy shops such as Kinko’s offer calendar set-up assistance. I’m thinking you could give them as gifts for your Kiwanas officers, for example.

  3. I can’t stop taking pictures of all the colors! It’s like I’m trying to breathe it all in before it fades to – yuck.

    Love your October!

  4. Your photos clearly show October as a month of transition and beautiful color from the flowers to the pumpkins and squash! Beautiful!

  5. Wonderful collection! I love the squash pics, but those donuts! Oh, I really need to get myself a donut pan!

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