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Ten On Tuesday

Daylight Savings Time ended here last weekend and that’s something that affects most of us, I’m sure. As always, the time change is an adjustment and I’ve been thinking about it a lot and that led to this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic: Ten Thoughts on Daylight Savings Time.

time for carole knits

  1. It’s definitely easier when we turn the clocks back in November and Daylight Savings Time ends than it is in March when it begins.
  2. That extra hour on this particular Sunday was quite welcome since Dale and I were away. The day seemed nice and long and that was pretty sweet.
  3. I leave for work at 6:30am and I am now driving to work in daylight – which I like – but
  4. I will miss seeing the sunrise over the cranberry bogs.
  5. I do not like that it is dark so early now.
  6. Especially since that darkness makes it really hard to get outside for a run/walk after work.
  7. Going to the gym is only slightly easier because I like coming home and getting cozy and tucked in for the night by 5pm.
  8. Studies show that there is an increase in heart attacks and accidents the Monday after we change the clocks.
  9. Studies also show that we don’t really conserve any energy by observing Daylight Savings Time.
  10. This makes me wonder why we continue with the practice.

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  1. My body has its own internal clock so I find myself waking up and eating meals earlier right now. I would prefer more light at the end of the day.

  2. I love the extra hour of light at the end of the day in the spring and summer. Kym mentioned and I agree, that the dogs adherence to their internal clocks is kind of a pain!

  3. I like the light in the morning for walking the dogs, but I detest the early evenings. I don’t understand why we still have this, either. It is a mystery to me!!

  4. A see a lot of common themes in the various posts — easier to fall back than spring ahead, we all like that extra hour of daylight after work, changing clocks is a pain.

  5. I thought it was done so the kids wouldn’t have to wait for the school bus in the dark in the morning? Or maybe that’s just why some people like it.

  6. I could live with either time…as long as we only had one. Really, the whole business of changing – twice each year – is just.plain.silly! I had a lot of fun reading today’s posts – great topic!

  7. I think they keep on with it because it gives people more daylight hours after work to enjoy the summer. And something was said about more money being spent during daylight hours. I can just as easily spend money in the dark! 😉

  8. I really dislike the early dark and when I complained, my husband reminded me that if we didn’t have a time change, our bedroom would be golden near 5AM in July. Ah. Would that be a bad thing?

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