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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

This, my friends, is the state of the knitting these days.

january knitting 2014 for carole knits

Three projects, all in various stages of completion.

On the far left, socks for Dale. Ahh, yes, the dreaded man socks. It may be a while before those are completed. Although, they are the only current project I have that allows me to knit and read at the same time and I’m really into reading these days, so that gives them an edge.

In the middle, a pair of Monkey Socks. It’s unusual for me to have 2 pairs of socks going at once but I started these as a plain old stockinette sock back in December and the yarn was pooling horribly. I liked the colors, though, and I wanted to use it since it was all wound up and ready to go. I decided the Monkey Socks pattern would solve my pooling issues and it did (mostly) but Monkey Socks can’t replace plain old stockinette socks when you need mindless knitting. And so, sigh, 2 pairs of socks at once.

Finally, on the far right, Miss BB for me. I’ve got the back done and about half of one front. I want this finished to wear for SPA at the end of February but, frankly, who knows if that will happen because my sweater commitment is often, ummmmm, flaky.

I am going to buckle down and get one of these projects finished in rapid style (my money is on the Monkey Socks) because I really really want to cast on Sweet Dreams and I absolutely will not start another project until at least one of these is done.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


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  1. It doesn’t look that bad to me! three great projects all getting attention sounds like a lot of knitting! …and Dale’s socks are going to get a LOT of attention once you start that shawl (if only so you can catch your breath admidst the lace charts!) happy knitting!!

  2. Monkeys are fun to knit and fairly mindless. Miss BB will be fabulous and you’ll love wearing her and she’ll be warm and beautiful for SPA.

  3. Different projects for different moods = the best way to knit! It’s winter (and Not the Holidays) . . . you might be surprised how much you can accomplish!

  4. I know you and you will power through them for sure. I can’t wait to see Miss BB finished. 🙂

    I’ve been a good knitter so far this year. I am on my 4th headband, but have I finished Courtney’s socks yet? You know the answer to that..ha!

  5. It all looks pretty good to me! You are going to LOVE Miss BB. I love mine so much but don’t particularly like how the yarn has worn so…maybe another?

  6. I don’t mind having a lot of projects going at once, but when I have a sweater on the needles I don’t like too much else going on either. Probably because I know that sweater needs my attention in order for it to get finished. I bet you get that sweater finished in time for SPA! As long as you are knitting what makes you HAPPY then it’s all good.

  7. You have a lot more character than I do–Sweet Dreams would have jumped right out and been in my needles already! Pooling doesn’t bother me either. What a mess I am!

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