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waffles for carole knits

This weekend . . .

was blustery and cold

there was a lot of hunkering by the wood stove
talking and talking and talking
maybe a little crying
feeling the impact of my father’s death
and processing what that means in my world

there were friends who reached out
bringing me sweets
bringing me flowers
supporting me
comforting me

there was dinner
with my amazing cousins Len and Peg
feeling what it’s like to be loved by family

there was homemade pizza
and waffles
tequila and limes
plenty of hot coffee and strong tea

there was
believe it or not


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  1. So glad you were able to still find Joy in your world. Family can be a fluid thing – those you choose to call family are those who rally around you when you need them, are there in the minutiae of your daily life, and those who bring you Joy. Your family cup runneth over, my friend 🙂

  2. The poetic rhythm of this post was a JOY for me–thank you for sharing your weekend and your emotions. Stay warm!

  3. Glad that family and friends were there to support you and help you find some joy.

    And, YUM, that waffle looks good!

  4. Yup. Well, ours was different, but the same. Cold, cold, cold at the cemetery Friday morning, and lots of complicated feelings that evolve as the days go by, and will probably keep doing so. It is a relief to not have to go back to the nursing home – we hated so much having her there.

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