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Ten On Tuesday

As some of my friends have said recently, this winter sure has teeth. There have been a couple of significant snow storms, there has been ice and frigid temperatures and bone chilling winds. We have had several days were it has been colder here than in Alaska. That’s right – Alaska. And you know, if I wanted to live on the frozen tundra I would move there but I’d rather stick it out here where our winters are generally tolerable. Notice I said tolerable and not enjoyable. Nevertheless, I’m all about finding joy so today our Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Like About Winter. Let’s hope I can come up with ten.

cozy bed for carole knits

  1. Snow days. These are usually rare although this year we’ve already had 2. And, since I work for town government, I don’t have to make them up the way the school employees do. Winning!
  2. Nesting. Cold winter days are great for lots of hanging out with my man.
  3. Playing cards. Right now we’re very into Phase 10 but usually it’s rummy. We do play cards in the summer but definitely more so in the winter.
  4. Comfort food. Soup, stew, roasted meats – anything that cooks long and slow is so delicious this time of year.
  5. Reading by the fire. I do love our woodstove and the warmth and glow it gives to a room.
  6. Snuggling under the covers on weekend mornings. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Occasional mild days. You know it’s winter when a 40° feels warm! It would be great for a run outside, too, if only the sidewalks weren’t covered in snow and ice.
  8. More light. Sure, it’s cold light but I still appreciate that the days are longer.
  9. Scented candles. I light them at 3pm if I’m home.
  10. Watching movies. Oscar season is upon us, my friends, and it’s time to watch All.The.Movies.

How about that – I did it. And it wasn’t even all that hard, either. But still – how many days until spring??

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  1. It’s hard to find anything joyful about January. I haven’t even had time to go up the canyon and find bright blue sky. I know it’s there!
    Winter around your house sounds downright heavenly!

  2. I forgot about my wood stove and that’s probably my number one thing I look forward to in the winter. We are trying to see all the movies this month before the Oscars, which we normally don’t do. Tonight it’s off to see Wolf of Wall Street. American Hustle was great. Hang in there – spring is coming!

  3. Nesting and comfort foods make for a happy life don’t they? Great list Carole. I’d like to check off a couple more of those Oscar contenders too!

  4. Great list and right now with this winter we need to keep reminding ourselves that we really do like some things about winter. It’s getting harder all the time though, to appreciate this particular winter!

  5. Yeah, you know it’s bad when my Southern California-raised husband refers to an 18F day as WARM! I am *so* ready for spring!

  6. Not that I believe in portents………………….but – there were an awful lot of spider webs being spun in our house this fall.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to look for the good. Your cozy list helped me quit whining and see some of the positives in winter!

  8. It was 38 here yesterday – which felt like a heat wave – LOL! Today it is 10…. I much prefer being cold over being warm (I’m not a fan of summer) – but I have to say, this is a weeee bit too cold! But I keep telling myself every time I’m out running around doing errands – you are burning calories by shivering! And I’m also grateful I don’t have to do a job that is outside! I can only imagine how cold the poor Mail Men/Women and Trash Collectors are!!

    Linda in VA

  9. if I could find 10, I’m sure you could! Phase 10 is my family’s favorite game. Also Quiddler (just be sure to get the edition that comes with the dictionary). Stay warm and keep smiling!

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