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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic comes from Dale. It was unsolicited and he just sort of came up with it all on his own. You’re going to laugh at this one –  ready? Our topic is 10 Things You Can Do Yourself But You Get Your Husband To Do Instead. Told ya it would make you laugh. I’ve told you before but this seems like an appropriate time to share the division of labor in our household. If it’s heavy, outside or yucky then it’s Dale’s job. And let me tell you, yucky covers a multitude. Here are the 10 things I get him to do (whenever possible, anyway) even though I can do them myself.

dale painting ceiling for carole knits

  1. Paint. Ceilings, walls, furniture – honestly Dale is just better at this than I am.
  2. Make the bed. Sometimes it’s the only thing that motivates me to get up on time.
  3. Change the cat litter. Definitely yucky.
  4. Scoop the dog poop. See #3.
  5. Rake the leaves. This falls under the outside rule.
  6. Shovel snow. See #5.
  7. Clean up cat throw up. This works best if I pretend I didn’t see it.
  8. Put air in my bike tires. It’s just one-of-those-things I think he should do.
  9. Arrange for home maintenance visits. You know the ones – chimney sweep, annual furnace cleaning, etc. I can make those phone calls but I’d rather he did it.
  10. Empty the trash. I’m so bad about this – I will let it overflow and just leave it. Bad wife. Bad, bad wife.

And there you have it. I think reading the entries today is going to be very fun and perhaps enlightening, too. If you wrote a post be sure and add your link below and if you want to receive the Ten on Tuesday emails then click here to sign up.

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  1. Fun list!
    (With both kids and dogs, our household split was this: Puke = Tom, Poop = Kym. It generally works out.)
    (I’m like that with trash, too.)

  2. We all have our limit and I’ll bet Dale has a list of many things he’d rather not do. You could post his list next to yours!

  3. Change lightbulbs … I mean, yeah, I can do it … but seriously? He’s an electrician, with a license … obviously this is his realm!!

  4. Our lists are so similar. I forgot about the snow shoveling (how is that possible?). And cat/dog puke seems to fall under my jurisdiction.

  5. We have a division of labor here. I do the cooking, and my husband does the cleaning. I think the cooking takes more time. He also does the driving. Being city dwellers without cars except occasional rentals, I feel safer when he drives as I am really out of practice and he was a cabbie for a while before I met him. Hey, what do you do that Dale could but doesn’t? I bet there are things,

  6. So thankful we don’t keep any indoor pets…just couldn’t handle cleaning up their, um, messes. 🙂 We don’t typically get enough snow to shovel here, but if we did, I’d add it to my son’s list.

  7. Bravo for Dale’s list…. he sounds like a keeper!

    My list:
    Change lightbulbs
    back up my computer
    buy junk food
    go pick up my son at work at 11pm
    wind our mantle and grandfather clocks (clock & watch repair is his hobby)

  8. not bloggin’ these days, so here’s my list:
    1) take out trash- i hate doing this
    2) carrying the groceries ( i put them all away)
    3) lugging laundry up/down the basement
    4) the cat box— ewww. I wanted a dog ( i can handle the dog poop, but poop inside the house? ewww)
    … and I can’t think of much else. I do all the cooking and 99% of the cleaning, most of the cat upkeep. And right now, i’m handling all the moving logistics. Dan’s got it made and I just realized I need a wife. 🙂

  9. Hmmm, I do all those things. Well, we have outside maintenance covered by the HOA, but I do shovel our porch/walk. He is in charge of putting on his shining armor and killing creepy crawlies. Except the worst ones happen when he travels… overseas. Dead bird in the chimney? Me. Twice. Mouse in the wall? Me. Dead bird in window well? Me. You get the picture, and I think the timing of them stinks, but I don’t suspect him of anything other than being lucky.

  10. I’ve had debates about #10. In the house I grew up in that was the man’s job. The man I married hadn’t always seen it that way, but bless him he does it. 🙂

  11. We divide a lot of things up , like I’ll do clogged toilet unclogging (and mopup etc) but he does snaking out the drains. However, I have to say pet puke…usually goes to Dave. I am a strong believer in the “really? I didn’t see it” approach as well.

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