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Mexico Socks

The socks I have to show you today have been a year in the making. Not literally but, well, sort of. You see, I wound up this yarn – Perchance to Knit Merino Sock – last year before we went on our trip to Mexico. The colors reminded me of Mexico. Or something.

mexico socks for carole knits

Anyway. I caked the yarn and brought it with me but I never actually cast on the socks. Somehow, I just didn’t knit as much as I thought I would. I blame the tequila.

mexico socks cuff for carole knits

I finally started them back in February, though, and I made up my mind I would have them finished before this year’s trip. I’m just sneaking them in under the wire here, aren’t I?

mexico socks heel for carole knits

They are very colorful and very soft and very nice. I love this little rainbow bit on the heel.

mexico socks folded for carole knits

And I love that they remind me of Mexico even though they really shouldn’t.

Let’s hope whatever I take with me this year gets finished in a more timely manner.

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  1. Pretty and festive stripes! It’s hard sometimes to figure out which simple projects to take on the road that won’t be boring. Variegated yarn really helps keep interest.

  2. Great colors and definitely Mexico colors! Enjoy your vacation, relax, and enjoy the tequila! So glad your “bug” was a quick one and you are over it.

  3. And if it doesn’t…oh well! The socks are very pretty – you can’t help but wear a smile along with them!

  4. Those socks/yarn fall under what is termed ‘Emergency Backup Knitting’ in my travel bag. Just the security of having something more allows one to relax and enjoy the trip. I’d say they worked really well in your case.

  5. The socks are so fun–bright, cheerful colors that definitely evoke sun-washed Mexico. As to setting deadlines for yourself–remember the byword “Manana!”. (That is except when you’re contemplating a margarita in your beach chair!)

  6. Hey at least they are finished! And I agree – the colors remind me of Mexico too. Are you counting down the hours till you get on the plane?

  7. Carole, I hope you’re feeling better today. Have a wonderful time in Mexico! Drink some margaritas for me.

  8. They are Mexico colors! Take knitting with this year but don’t worry about actually knitting. Enjoy the tequila. 😉
    Happy travels!

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