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Sweet Dreams Shawl

I am absolutely and utterly in love with my new Sweet Dreams Shawl.

sweet dreams full shawl for carole knits

It is knit in Madeline Tosh Merino Light so it’s verrrrry verrrrrrrrry soft. And the neutral grey color is awesome – full of depth and richness. It’s a single and I was a little worried about that but it worked out just fine.

sweet dreams shawl edge for carole knits

The pattern is fantastic. It’s well written and the charts are easy to follow and I truly enjoyed knitting this. I finished in less than 2 weeks time I enjoyed it so much.

sweet dreams edge and blur for carole knits

I adore the beads. Can you believe I wasn’t going to bead this originally? I’m so glad I decided to do the extra work because they really make a huge difference.

sweet dreams outer edge for carole knits

I think they make the edges and points like like icicles. And to be perfectly clear – I only like icicles on shawls.

sweet dreams corner for carole knits

I know you all like modeled shots but the light was so pretty the other day after work and I just couldn’t resist snapping these photos of the shawl draped on my deck railing.

Photos after work in golden light with a beautiful shawl? Spring must be finally here!

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  1. It’s a stunner – well done!

    Your ability to enable has not faded: it’s just that I am not knitting for me during Lent, but am working on projects for Christmas at Sea. Otherwise, my yarn and beads would be ordered by now. 🙂

  2. Lovely! I’ve not tried knitting with beads but I might have to try now. I can see how the beads give it extra pizazz.

  3. Wow – it is a work of art. The beads really make it. I can’t believe that only took you 2 weeks! Wear it well 🙂

  4. When I finish my current shawl-in-progress (made a mistake and am in the ripping back process), I definitely want to try a beaded one! That is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  5. Elegant and stunning! MadTosh is one of my favorites for lace. When I knit my Sweet Dreams I found the beads gave the shawl a much needed weight and the sparkle they impart is an exquisite touch. No wonder you love it, Carole!

  6. You’ve made me a believer–the beads definitely add that extra something to this already beautiful shawl! The lovely soft grey color will be so wearable and your knitting is exquisite!

  7. That really is beautiful; the color, the beads, the pattern, the light…all of it. Soon you’ll be sitting on a beach having a drink at sunset in it…that’s how I like to picture my shawl wearing. (In reality, its usually around my neck as an extra layer in my drafty house….)

  8. Wow, Carole – THAT.IS.STUNNING. I agree – the beads completely make it. It reminds me of that gorgeous pearly edge of an abalone shell with all those gorgeous shimmery grays and creams.

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