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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Beth’s Socks

To celebrate Dale’s birthday we spent last weekend at a lovely cottage that belongs to friends of ours. These friends are incredibly generous and have let us stay at their getaway a few times and we are very fortunate to have the use of it. They don’t let us pay them but there has been some talk this year about bartering for photography skills but still – I like to say thank you when someone does something nice for me.

sea coast socks on window seat for carole knits

And so, when I finished a pair of socks while I was there it seemed there was only one thing to do. Leave them for my friend, Beth.

sea coast socks on railing for carole knits

The yarn is Sunshine Yarns in the color Sea Coast. How appropriate for this particular gift, given for the use of a cottage by the sea.

sea coast socks on railing folded for carole knits

I hope she loves wearing them as much as I love her little cottage!

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  1. I live a mile from the beach here at the Jersey Shore….the key is on a hook in the garage…size 11!! I told my friend the other day giving someone a pair of hand knit socks is equal to donating a kidney to them! She agreed…of course it was another knitter! Have a good holiday Carole

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