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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: What’s On The Needles?

I’m not one for having lots of knitting projects going at once. I’m a product knitter and I have found that focusing on one or two or at the most, three projects, is what works for me. Right now is no exception to this rule and here is what I’m knitting.

painted desert sock for carole knits

Socks. The perfect portable summer project. I picked up this yarn at a local yarn shop (gasp! I know!) and it’s called Painted Desert. It reminds me of Trekking and that’s a very good thing.

epic sock blanket progress june 2014

The Epic Sock Blanket. While this is technically a WIP it’s mostly in time out these days because it’s too hot to have this thing lying in my lap while I’m working on it.

A man scarf. The pattern is Jared Flood’s Pavement. And, while I love the pattern, I’m not loving my project just yet. I’m not sure if it’s the yarn (Ella Rae Classic) or my gauge but it’s just not popping the way it should. I’m going to knit a few more pattern repeats and see if I like it any better. Then I might try it in a different needle size but up or down? I’m not sure. Ultimately I may just chuck it and cast on Dryad instead.

How about you – what are you knitting these days?

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  1. Good Morning! It all looks good to me…though that blanket would be torture with our current weather. I’m on Clue #3! 😉 And finished the body of a Babycocktails sweater. There’s a baby blanket in my future too…

  2. I lke the Painted Desert yarn you’re using; it looks a bit like Jojoland Melody Superwash. Do you keep any of the sock yarn set aside for darning?

    Dryad is a very pretty pattern.

    I just finished my Lothlorien Socks. They hibernated for over 4 years because the combo lace and cabling pattern was so confusing. And now I working on another very slow project, the Kusha Kusha Scarf, as well as a simple project to knit when I’m out and about, the Morning Cloud Cowl, something to use up the angora yarn I bought in Scotland.

  3. Remember the classic Irish Hiking Scarf. I’ve knit that many times, as gifts for others and for myself. It’s an enjoyable knit in the mood of Flood’s Pavement.

  4. Dryad looks more fun, but maybe not as easy to remember. Every knitter is about product and process (IMO) and if you’re not in love with the process of the product then it’s not a worthy project. I get overwhelmed with more than one or two things on my needles.

  5. Nice sock yarn! I love how the blanket is looking. And yes – it’s way too hot for that project right now!

  6. You reminded me that I have Dryad sitting patiently, waiting for some attention…I think I might dig that out of the project tote tonight!

  7. The scarf pattern is very striking. You’ll have to post a photo of your WIP–would blocking help?

    P.S. Apologies for the glop comment–the salad is probably good when you make it.

  8. Just started a pink & purple Camino Bubbles scarf. I’m hopingit will come out funky.

  9. Love the color of the socks. I’m kinda on a roll with finishing my multiple UFOs. Hopefully I can get a couple of them done before the urge to start something new bites me!

  10. I just finished a pair of socks and the body of my Ravello…need to finish a little cardigan for BabyT since the shower is Sunday!! And I agree with other commenters, if you’re not liking the process on the scarf, swap it for another one (and typically to make a texture pattern pop, you’d switch to smaller needles, but then it might be harder to knit…tough call!)

  11. I’m knitting (and nearly finished!) a Color Affection shawl (finally caved). I’m also working on the endless-strip-of-stockinette-that-I-dumped-in-the-lake poncho thing. And you know what I’m just about to start knitting. . .

    (I love that sock blanket.)

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