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What’s Knitting?

Way back in August, I talked about vacation knitting. I talked about mindless knitting, necessary knitting, and challenging knitting. And the thing is, I talked about all of that knitting like I’d have it all done when I got home from that blissful 2 weeks on Cape Cod.

How about a moment of truth?

september knitting progress for carole knits

This is the current state of my knitting projects.

I find it very interesting that I did very little mindless knitting, absolutely NO necessary knitting, and lots and lots of challenging knitting.

Here’s the thing, though. The challenging knitting is fun and I love that Cactus Shawl but the mindless knitting is a pair of birthday socks for Hannah. And her birthday was September 3rd. And the necessary is a birthday present for my cousin Len. And his birthday was also September 3rd.

Why is it that the minute you put a deadline on something it becomes infinitely unappealing?

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  1. Inevitably. Promise something, even just to yourself, and it is doom. The only thing you can do now is grit your teeth, put yourself on a schedule and do it.

  2. In the same predicament with this baby blanket that is taking forever. Knitting feverishly to get it done. Baby due 10/5, but arrived yesterday. Gah. Fortunately I had a completed BSJ that will be gifted ahead of the blanket.

  3. It all looks lovely! However, if you put a deadline on something it becomes a task to be completed, which sucks the joy right out of it!

  4. Claudia nailed it! Deadline knitting doesn’t work for me. I’m selfish and want to knit whatever I’m in the heck the mood for!

  5. I love the IDEA of knitting gifts and/or for others, and I love when the intended is excited about it, too, but the minute a commitment is made it’s like a weight on my shoulders!

  6. I managed to get a baby sweater done before the baby but have totally lost interest in Christmas family knitting about half way through….maybe it’s a medical condition knitters have! The first new shiny yarn that passes in front of us changes our attention span.

  7. Your moment of truth and everyone’s comments make me feel better, but here I am reading blogs instead of knitting the baby blanket that needs to be finished today to be gifted Saturday. I think all of us also understand vacation knitting, too – pack plenty so you don’t run out but I’m always surprised how little I’ve knit when I return.

  8. I don’t particularly like knitting for others in the first place and then put a deadline on it….instant disinterest in doing it at all!
    All of the projects look lovely. 🙂

  9. What Claudia said. The moment something, no matter what the project is has a deadline or has been promised, it feels like work and easy to put off. Remember how long it took me to make Courtney’s socks…ha!

  10. I support knitting for pleasure and the freedom to work on the project that exactly fits my mood. Love those socks though (great yarn!), and I bet Hannah understands they will be late. Not sure about your cousin but hope they too understand the knitter’s process and treasure the significant gift of a hand-knit present.

  11. I have so many projects waiting for the “boring parts” to be done…toes closed, casting off, blocking. It’s really quite sad. Seeing your lovely projects makes me wonder why I don’t view mine as lovely right now.

  12. LOVE those cables! I don’t do well with deadline projects (finishing gifts at 9pm on Christmas Eve??!) but love having a variety of knitting from which to choose. Like other commenters said, I think we need to look at this as “fun” and not obligation. I’m sure Hannah and Len will love their gifts no matter when they get them!

  13. I suppose when you have a deadline, it starts feeling more like work and less like fun?

    Either way, Happy Birthday to YOU today!!

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