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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic was inspired by something I heard in a podcast. The hosts were discussing what books they would save if their house caught on fire and I thought – hmmmm – that could be tweaked to 10 Things You Would Save If Your House Was On Fire. For the sake of this exercise we are assuming that all family, people & pets are safe.

dining room chair for carole knits

  1. The Ten Commandments that my great-great-grandmother cross stitched. On paper. That would be the first thing I would grab.
  2. My laptop and external hard drive. Sure, most of my stuff is on the cloud but it would be a lot easier to have the actual computer.
  3. My Reeves spinning wheel. Irreplaceable, in my opinion.
  4. Photo albums. All of them – which actually isn’t that many.
  5. All of my quilts. They are family heirlooms in the making and I’d hate to lose them.
  6. As much yarn as I could carry but I would pay particular attention to my stash of Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn.
  7. Scrapbooks. I have 3 that I did years ago when Creative Memories was a big thing. I would definitely want to save them from a fire.
  8. My cameras and lenses. I know insurance would cover this but still – I love my cameras.
  9. My mother’s silver. Sure, it’s replaceable but it wouldn’t be the silver that she used for every holiday and special occasion. Sentimental value is huge around here.
  10. My copy of The Mill on the Floss. It was a college graduation present from my dear friend, Chrissie, and the inscription is something I treasure. I’d definitely grab this.

We all have so much stuff. It’s been interesting to think about how much of that stuff truly matters. I hope you wrote a post for today and I hope you will include your link by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email by clicking here.

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  1. I’m thinking of these lists as what you’d want to start your new home. Yours is a little practical…and a little sentimental, and full of family love. I certainly hope you never have to put it to the test!

  2. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned clothing. I can’t purchase my bra size locally, and my (repaired) feet only fit into Birkenstocks. It’s not like the neighbors could give me something to “throw on”. Other than that, love your list!

  3. Interesting that your yarn is so important to you. I would have thought you would list the things you’ve made with it instead, as the yarn is replaceable.

    We have limited space living in an apartment, and everything is valuable to us, especially the artwork. Our apartment is on the 20th floor, so I don’t think we could carry much out with us in case of a fire. As I have a fear of heights, I would absolutely freak if I had to escape by helicopter. Now, then, back to my knitting!

  4. I can see why your #1 is your #1! Initially my list was knitting, books, and yarn, but with some thought it evolved into one more filled with family and irreplaceable treasures. Thank you for giving us something valuable to ponder!

  5. Reading all of this makes me want to put all those things in a big pile near the front door just in case I ever have to run out!

  6. Ha! What Donna said!! I am itching to at least consolidate and organize a few things. It was an interesting exercise, as I mentally walked through each room and… wow, there is sure a lot of stuff I keep that isn’t really very important to me. I’m sure we’re all making some similar assessments/realizations. Great topic!

  7. (Photo albums are so heavy. I know this from hurricane prep some years ago.) I used to cogitate about what to take if we were to travel around the world and could take only a few important things. There would be more time for planning than the fire scenario.

  8. Good list! My pictures and my spinning wheels would be first.
    What cloud do you use to store what is on your computer and HD? I really should utilize this more.

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