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Meet Your Halloween Party Hosts

Do you hear that sound? Like a freight train? That is the sound of my weekend roaring past. Whoa, that was quick. And fun. And exhausting.

Our annual Halloween party was a blast, I can tell you that. And for today I can show you our costumes.

dale and carole full length

Hullo Ringmaster Dale and Creepy Clown Carole.

dale and carole close up

Would you want to attend a party hosted by these two?!?

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  1. This is the part where I say, “You look fabulous. The gym time and everything is really paying off in your new, um, look?” 😉

  2. Truly one of the scariest costumes I’ve ever seen. Clowns are creepy, but you’re taking it one step further. I’d go running, but I’d come back just for all the treats you made! xox

  3. Three things give me the creeps: clowns, nutcrackers, & sock monkeys. You two are among the scariest clowns I’ve ever seen!

  4. …and that last big roar was the sound of last WEEK rushing by me! those costumes are great! (I’d want to attend any party hosted by you – no matter WHAT you’re wearing 🙂

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