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Sunday Thoughts

couch corner for carole knits

It’s Sunday morning and it’s cold. 20° when I got up at 7am. Brrrr.

Cold or not, though, the whole day stretches before me. What will it bring? What will we do?

A hearty homemade breakfast, that’s pretty certain. Sausage and eggs, I think. And then?

Perhaps a drive somewhere pretty? A country road or along the ocean?

Perhaps a stop somewhere for a drink and a snack. Or a little shopping somewhere quaint.

Or maybe we should stay home and do some yard work. And knitting.

I know one thing, whether we venture out or stay home, late afternoon will find us by the fire, with a cocktail and oven roasted tomatoes & goat cheese.

I love the possibilities of a Sunday without plans.

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  1. Yard work and knitting are vying for the top of the list here, but your afternoon reward of sitting by the fire with drinks and snacks sounds perfect!

  2. Enjoy your beautiful day!
    It’s the same temperature here and I’d hibernate if I could. I’ll be grocery shopping and knitting with friends, but tonight I’ll make a toast to you with my own cocktail! xox

  3. My husband tried to drag me out to an art museum, but this is an excellent hibernation day, methinks. There will be knitting, and it’s for him.

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