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Halloween Party 2014

This year was our 5th straight year of having a Halloween Party and I really wanted to change things up with the theme and decorations. We’d done the haunted house type thing, we’d done the zombie thing and the creepy crawly thing and so, one night about a month ago, Dale and I were sitting on the deck having a cocktail and perusing Pinterest and there was a picture of a scary clown.

It was our Halloween Party version 5.0 light bulb moment. We could be scary clowns! And Hannah hates clowns so the thought of teasing her throughout the process was something neither of us could resist. Things did evolve, though, as they so often do in these situations. While we originally thought we would both be scary clowns, we couldn’t find costume pieces for Dale that we liked. And then we remembered a red blazer we had seen at the 2nd hand store and decided that Dale could be the ring master and I would be a clown and we would set up the decorations like a creepy circus. I’ve always said coming up with a theme is the hardest thing about any event and it’s true because once we’d decided on this the rest just fell into place. I pinned stuff on Pinterest and showed pictures to Dale and he took my ideas and turned them into reality.

Enough talk – you want to see, right?

ticket booth for carole knits

We had a ticket booth complete with lights and Michael Myers to greet our guests at the back door.

clown car for carole knits

We also had this awesome clown in an antique car that belongs to Dale’s dad. Because every circus needs a clown car, right?

baby clown for carole knits

We had balloons and other clown figures.

tightrope clown for carole knits

And a tight rope walker. This is the part where I tell you that my husband’s imagination, while fantastic, sometimes freaks me out a little.

ken in a canon for carole knits

Of course, you have to have a man, errrr, a Ken doll, being shot out of a canon.

high dive jump for carole knits

Finally, outside we also had a high dive jumper. See what I mean about Dale’s imagination?

dining room light and ceiling decorations

Inside we decorated with tulle and tried to make the dining room look like a circus tent.

candy table for carole knits

We had circus peanuts and Cracker Jack and poison candy apples. I made those apples, by the way, and they were a PITA and not worth the effort. But they looked cool.

bar set up for carole knits

And lots of wine, beer and Harvest Margaritas. I also made eleventy-million corn dogs from scratch and they were a huge hit. Huge. Along with macaroni & cheese muffins and pumpkin cake and gourmet cheeses and snacks that our guests brought as well. No one went hungry or thirsty, I can tell you that.

clown skull for carole knits

We put party hats and red noses on skulls.

sword swallower for carole knits

We had a sword swallow-er in one corner of the living room.

scary corner clown for carole knits

And a really big zombie-type clown with blinking red eyes. He scares the crap out of me.

clown doll with cleaver

He doesn’t scare me as much as the clown doll holding a cleaver, though. Yikes, that’s creepy.

As I said on Monday, I was terrible about taking pictures of our guests but, luckily, Anne captured quite a few and is letting me share them with you here.


Jo-Ann and Shawn came as Jack & Jill after they fell down the hill. That there is Shawn. It might be after the beer as much as after the hill. You understand.

mark and doreen

Doreen and Mark came as a lobster in a pot and the Swedish Chef. They looked terrific.

tom and anne

Tom and Anne came as day of the dead sugar skull people and their make up was awesome. Anne is a really talented facepainter and I have to say that Dale and I wouldn’t have looked nearly as creepy if it weren’t for her mad makeup skillz.

carole randy bob ken

We also had witches and ninjas and cats and cancer patients (that was Bob, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor at all)

amy and bob

and the king and queen of duct tape dynasty.

prison bowling team

We had Dr. Seuss characters and The Princess Death Star Prison League Bowling Team (my wonderful and extremely creative neighbors!)

len and peg for carole knits

My cousin Len and his wife Peg came as the Wicked Witch of the West and one of her palace guards. They won first prize, and I actually took a photo of them. Yay me.

All in all it was a truly terrific night. I think it ended around 2am when the die hards were on the deck singing The Gambler at their top of the lungs. Dale has a video of that but I’ll spare you the gory details – that was probably the scariest thing of the whole party!

dale on railing

I have no idea how we’re going to top this next year.

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  1. Oh.My.God. Over-the-top perfection!!!! What a fun, fun event. Perfectly creepy and fabulous in EVERY way! (Wow!)

  2. Absolutely incredible! You and Dale are quite the party planning pair and you have very creative friends. It’s amazing how very creepy clowns can be!

  3. Oh, that looks so awesome – and so inspiring for me to pull something together for Friday on a smaller scale. 🙂 Dale really does have an awesome imagination to go with your party planning skills and theme!

  4. FANtastic! I think my favorite is the sword swallower, but the tight rope? Clown noses on skulls? It’s all creep-tastic and cool! And I’m with Hannah, clowns are the WORST – but you guys made them the BEST!

  5. So, did you have to wrangle all the clowns out onto the porch so you could sleep after everyone left? I might have been to creeped out otherwise. Looks like a good time was had by all, including the planners.

  6. You guys are soooo creative AND energetic! Your decorations were incredible and your guests outdid themselves with their costumes! I love your costume and your makeup especially. Amazing.

  7. What am amazing party! You guys put so much work into that. I love your creativity! And some of the costumes were wonderful. I love your friend Bob’s sense of humor. That is awesome. You better start planning now for next year!

  8. You and Dale make the most creative team I’ve ever seen! Truly, your mind scares me (as do clowns). My heart was in my mouth with every picture of Dale’s clowns.
    Your tricks and treats are legendary and marvelous!

  9. I am gobsmacked, thunderstruck, etc. etc. Your creativity is awesome with the decor, your costumes, and the food…. And, judging by the guests’ costumes, you have a lot of imaginative friends.

  10.! (I’m reading posts backwards so I know this took you “only” two hours…it would’ve taken me way longer – maybe I need lessons?!) what a fabulous party! I’m definitely in Hannah’s camp and I hope y’all didn’t give her bad dreams 🙂 looks like everyone had a fun time and the food…like I said – I’d want to come to any party you’re hosting!!

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