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Sunday Supper: Chili

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chili for carole knits

In the interest of full disclosure I will tell you that this particular pot of chili is not from today but, rather, is from last March. Chili around here pretty much always looks like that, though, and it’s what we’re having for dinner tonight. I can’t think of anything better to go with football, cool rainy weather, and good friends. Well, except maybe some beer but you know that’s a given. And cornbread, which is also on the menu.

What are you having for supper tonight?

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  1. That looks delicious! The picks in my house don’t go for chili but I do love it. The cornbread is a go though. Enjoy this cold NE day – I’m sure you’ll make the best of it. Go Pats!

  2. I love cornbread and I don’t know why we don’t have it more often. We’re having smothered baked potatoes which taste a lot better than they sound! GO PATS!!!

  3. That looks yum. We have had our ceremonial first pot of chili already this season. Sunday night is our date night, but with the Broncos lining up to whup NE, I may have to call an audible for dinner.

  4. That looks fabulous! I haven’t decided what I’m making for dinner tonight quite yet. (I’m having a lazy morning. . .) Enjoy the footballs!

  5. My thoughts run along the lines of Kym’s. I’m not ready to face dinner and it’s a cool, rainy day so maybe I should consider chili, even though we don’t watch football.

  6. I am going to make a curried stew with ground goat. Like chlli, only with, ahem, goat! Btw, did you see who is all in for NaBloPoMo? ME!!!!

  7. Yummy! Chili is perfect on a cold rainy day! I’m definitely dusting off my fall/winter recipes.

  8. what a great chili pot! your Sunday sounds like it was warm on the inside, even while the outside wasn’t quite as nice. (and my supper was leftovers from Saturday, which was leftovers from Friday)

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