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Thursday Things

With so much going on – sweater knitting and daily blogging and life – it seems like another gather-up-all-my-thoughts type of post is in order. Here’s what I’m thinking about right now.

first snow 2014 for carole knits

  • We had our first snow on Sunday. It pissed me off but it did inspire a picture of a pumpkin. With snow.
  • I can’t believe I haven’t already told you this because it is a huge (really huge!) deal: Hannah passed the MTEL! This is the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure and it’s required for her to do her student teaching and then, you know, get a J-O-B as a teacher. She had already passed some sections but last month we found out she passed the entire thing. There was much celebratingo at Casa Carole Knits.
  • I have no idea why I added Spanish-y type of stuff to that last sentence.
  • Earlier this week I read, and finished in 2 days, Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. If you haven’t read it then you need to read it. And if you have read it then you will understand when I say that I miss Lou and Will.
  • After I finished that book I decided to read The Mockingbird Next Door by Marja Mills. I went online to look for a picture of Harper Lee and all of these news articles came up about the controversy surrounding this book and whether Ms. Mills did or did not have Harper Lee’s permission to publish. I decided not to read it.
  • I decided to take the plunge and learn Lightoom. This was the result of some prodding from Kim and this week I started Lightroom Begin with Kim Klassen. Finding the time to do the coursework will be a challenge but I’m very excited about it.
  • I haven’t talked much about One Little Word but I am still following along and completing the monthly prompts. And I’m still finding JOY! whenever I get the chance.
  • As always, thanks for reading. And commenting. You all bring me JOY!

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  1. Please share my congratulations with Hannah. What a milestone!
    (And yes, if you’ve ever played Mile Borne, you have seen illustrated milestones. We were surprised to see actual milestones in the West Indies!)

  2. Congrats to Hannah! My daughter just started studying elementary ed – she is not looking forward to taking those tests.

  3. That’s wonderful news about Hannah – good for her!

    I also decided not to read the Harper Lee book. I respect her and her work too much to read something about her that she didn’t want written.

  4. Hannah is a very accomplished young lady. May she go on to great things!
    I was hoping for a little snow last weekend, but we just got cold air. I’m afraid this winter will be like last and you’ll keep all the snow. Please send it our way. I decided against the Harper Lee books too. Just too much that doesn’t add up. I’m wondering about Lightroom and may monitor the class if I have time.

  5. Congratulations to Hannah! My daughter just started a MA program to obtain a special education credential; been a few years since she finished her BA and she wasn’t happy with her earning potential. Hannah may well be able to pay off any student debt she leaves college with, by teaching in a needed subject in certain parts of the country having trouble getting enough teachers. Our high country got snow over the weekend – guess it really IS late fall.

  6. Add my congratulations to Hannah! I did read the Mockingbird Next Door and found it very interesting and informative and enjoyable. Later the comments from Harper Lee came out and made me very sad, especially for Marja. The controversy in no way diminished my admiration and appreciation of TKAM, but rather gave it another dimension. Maybe it is prudent to distinguish our favorite authors from the characters of whom we are so fond.

  7. Yay Hannah!!! Onto the next phase of life – a full time teacher! That books sounds really good. Where do you find this time?? And the Lightroom class sounds intriguing. I like that I can do it on my phone or iPad because that’s where I do most of processing anyway (when I actually DO process them). And it’s free? I might need to find time for this if it’s not too late to join.

  8. So much going on. Hannah is moving forward–so nice to see. Congratulations on her latest accomplishment. She obviously takes after her mother !

  9. Congratulations to Hannah! I also loved Me Before You and miss Lou and Will. I tried to read some of JoJo Moyes’ other books but they weren’t even close for me. Now I’m curious about The Mockingbird Next Door…

  10. Becoming a teacher has become harder since Laura Ingalls Wilder’s day – maybe.
    That snow is my fault — I had the windows washed.

  11. Congratulations to Hannah. I know how exciting the passing of these tests is. My daughter just finished her student teaching on Friday and we have reason to celebrate her being an California multiple-subject teacher (K-5) looking for a job now….

  12. Congratulations to Hannah! What an accomplishment!

    We only got flurries on Sunday, much to my relief. I am not ready.

  13. congratulations Hannah! how exciting! I saw a lot about that controversy surrounding The Mockingbird book…so sad Harper Lee’s final years are just plain messy!

  14. I loved Me Before You too.
    Lightroom is fantastic for cataloging and editing photos quickly and easily.
    I learned the basics from a Scott Kelby book. I’ll definitely go check out that class. I’m thinking of asking Santa for an upgrade to LR 5 from 3.

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