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Ten on Tuesday

For today’s Ten on Tuesday, I have asked everyone to hit “shuffle all” and list the first 10 songs that play on their iPod or whatever device they use for music. I have to confess here, though, that my list is actually from November 24th. I had thought of this prompt and was going to use it for a blog post during NaBloPoMo – I had written the list and filed it away – put it in the freezer, as Vicki used to say, but then I never actually finished it and posted it. So I’m doing that today, partly because it’s already done but also because any list I create right now is going to be all Christmas music since that’s all that is on my iPhone at the moment. (My storage is full and I had to rotate off all of my other playlists to fit my Christmas stuff on there. There’s a solution to this problem arriving by the end of the week, though.) And so, on a Monday in November, these are the 10 songs I listened to on my way to work.

January 12, 2012

  1. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
  2. Try to Remember by Ed Ames
  3. The Long & Winding Road by The Beatles
  4. I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys
  5. Lawyers, Guns & Money by Warren Zevon
  6. Jolly Mon Sing by Jimmy Buffett
  7. Old Fashioned Love Song by Three Dog Night
  8. Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses by Kathy Mattea
  9. Halo by Beyonce
  10. All That I Want for Christmas by The Rescues

It’s an eclectic list, that’s for sure, but any list from my music is going to be. I listen to oldies and 80s and schmaltzy stuff that my parents liked. I listen to rock ‘n roll and country and folk. And I love it all! I think it’s very appropriate that the last song of the 10 is a Christmas one. Yes, I started listening in November. Not to all of it and only in the car but that one by The Rescues is from a Grey’s Anatomy episode (season 6, episode 10 if you want to know) and it’s a real favorite of mine.

I can’t wait to read all of your lists. Be sure and add your link below if you wrote a post for this week’s topic. Click here to subscribe to the weekly Ten on Tuesday email.

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  1. I don’t often think of Beyonce following Kathy Mattea, but it works here! I’m off to add some Dropkick Murphys and Warren Zevon to my library. Great list and great ToT topic!

  2. This is a fun prompt, Carole! It’s fun to see what “pops up” on your iPod . . . when you just hit shuffle! (And I love Warren Zevon. . . someone else I wish I’d thought of a couple of weeks ago when we were listing “dead musicians.”)

  3. A fun prompt, for sure! I know the my shuffle will always produce an eclectic list. This time, I shuffled on just my holiday genre.

  4. Okay, here is my ten from shuffle, I’m surprised there wasn’t more country, haha!
    1. The Fame – Lady Gaga
    2. Angels on the Moon – Thriving Ivory
    3. Happy Pills – Norah Jones
    4. Big Time – Big & Rich
    5. Closer to Love – Mat Kearney
    6. Tik Tok – Ke$sha
    7. Ghost – Michael Jackson
    8. All About Tonight – Blake Shelton
    9. Belief – John Mayer
    10. Sweet Nothings – Calvin Harris/Florence Welch

  5. My list would be as eclectic, but you might see Dwight Yoakum and Miles Davis on mine. I also wish I’d thought of Warren Zevon for the “dead” musicians list. Wish I’d had time to write a post!

  6. Coming Back for You – Maroon 5
    Summertime – Kenny Chesney
    Oohs and Ahhs – Needtobreathe
    Colder Weather – Zac Brown Band
    Maps – Maroon 5
    Water – Brad Paisley
    Anything But Mine – Kenny Chesney
    Roller Coaster Ride – Eric Church
    Nothing Left to Lose – Needtobreathe
    The Big Revival – Kenny Chesney

    Gee, heavy on the Country music, eh? 😉 Great topic, Carole!


  7. I love your list! Mine would include my dad’s Big Band stuff and in the shuffle most of the songs you named.

  8. LOVE that your last song was a Christmas song. totally random, right 🙂 I’m all Christmas all the time now (and can you believe it’s just TWO weeks away?!)

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