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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic comes from Kym and it’s a fun one: 10 Types of Footwear You Own. I don’t know about you but I have a lot of shoes. Here’s my list of the ones I use the most:

shoe mosaic

  1. Running shoes. I’m on my second pair of Brooks and I love them. Highly cushioned and brightly colored, they are perfect for me.
  2. Spin shoes. Truth be told, I haven’t worn my spin shoes in months. But the Spinathon is right around the corner (you can sponsor me if you’d like!) so I’ll be using this again soon.
  3. High boots. I have black ones and I love them with leggings, particularly since I couldn’t wear them a few  years back when I was so much heavier.
  4. Low boots. I have 3 pairs of low heeled boots – black ones that are lined in a very soft flannel, brown Ariats, and beige cowboy booties. They are my favorite boots to wear with jeans.
  5. L L Bean Boots. The original ones that actually say L.L. Bean Hunting Shoe on them. I’ve had them since my early twenties and there is nothing better to wear in the winter.
  6. Heels. I have pumps and glittery slingbacks and patent leather peep toe shoes and more! I love heels for the way they look but I’m not crazy about the way they feel.
  7. Cowboy Boots. I have exactly 1 pair of cowboy boots and Dale bought them for me before we were married. They are so comfortable and absolutely perfect for dancing.
  8. Danskos. I have several pairs of Danksos. I’d have more if they weren’t so damn expensive.
  9. Flip flops. My favorites are a pair of Crocs that have a tiny strip of velvet and patent leather along the edge of the strap. The sole is molded and they feel great even for hours at a time.
  10. Converse sneakers. Red ones and pink ones with sheep. Plus all of Hannah’s since we wear the same size!

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P.S. If you’re still seeing this post on Wednesday that means we’re without power. I’ll be back as soon as I can!

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  1. What a fun collection of shoes, Carole! Hope you’ve got those snow boots at the ready . . . but that you’re comfortably hunkered down – safe and warm – inside today. XO

  2. Cute shoes! I knew everyone would have far more pairs than I. I wear the same thing every day, every situation. 🙂
    Hope the snow isn’t as bad as predicted! Stay warm.

  3. I love shoes and have enough for a centipede to wear! I especially love high leather boots with leggings, and of course my favorite pair of Sorels that I purchased last winter – super warm! And I’ll never give up my high heels or flip flops – love them!

    Hope you don’t lose power – please be safe and stay warm! We have many more hours to snow ahead of us, but it’s not as bad as we had expected – yet!

  4. I checked your blog as soon as I got up this morning (well, after turning on the coffee, and gibing the dogs some Milk Bones). I hope you have power and you keep safe. Re today’s post, I am green with shoe envy. My naughty high heel days are over, my arches too high fr cowboy boots, but I love my crocs!

  5. I didn’t think I would have ten but once I got rolling, I realize I have quite a few!

    Hope you are safe during the storm. It’s just hitting me here in Northern Maine.

  6. We have power (so far) – yay! My shoe favorites are so few: Stegmann wool clogs all winter, relieved occasionally by the Fatbabies (thanks to you) and the winter boots: 3-strap Birkies all summer; and, if I must dress up, Israeli cork-soled pumps. Israeli shoes are THE BEST, although expensive.

  7. I’m glad to see your post. I hope your power stays up. Hopefully you and Dale get to stay home and are stay safe.

    My daughter will be starting a temp assignment for work next week in a suburb of Boston. I’m glad she’s not out there yet

  8. Perhaps a future Ten on Tuesday can be 10 things to see and do in each bloggers local area! I would love to pass on to my daughter some must see and do things in the Boston area.

  9. Fun prompt! I didn’t make 10 but I was surprised I got to 7…enjoyed seeing all your boots.

  10. sole-mates 😉 and I don’t even have those LL Bean mocs (had a pair in college though) or the sparkle glitter heels!

  11. Great shoes! I end up wearing Crocs as much as possible because of needing lots of space for my painful toes but it’d be fun to try a pair of cowboy boots. I fear they would be too tight in the toes…

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