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Ten On Tuesday

Guilt is something I don’t think too much about. I try to live my life with good intentions and a positive vibe and guilt just doesn’t fit into that. But guilt in light of indulgence? That’s a whole ‘nother story and for today’s Ten on Tuesday topic I am going to share 10 Guilty Pleasures with you.

huevos rancheros for carole knits
photo of my huevos rancheros from Saturday morning. nothing to do with this post but very very good

  1. People magazine. It’s crap for the brain but I love the photos of the stars.
  2. Reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. I can watch them over and over. It’s a waste of time but it’s entertaining.
  3. 3s. Just don’t even try it. What a fun and wonderful waste of time.
  4. Tater Tots. I just love ’em.
  5. Taco Bell. Shut up and pass me a Crunchwrap Supreme because I haven’t had one in a really really long time.
  6. Pajama days. My favorite way to spend a day at home. And just for the record, I generally still shower but then I put on clean PJs for the rest of the day.
  7. Glittery makeup. I know I’m a little old for it but I love some sparkle on my eyes. I mostly reserve it for the holidays but sometimes that Urban Decay glitter eyeliner just winds up in my hand.
  8. Lifetime television. All of those movies have, basically, the same plot. I watch anyway.
  9. Tastespotting. I troll it frequently, pin recipes occasionally, and drool a lot.
  10. Eating Chinese food out of the carton. When I was a kid and we got Chinese take out my mom always emptied the cartons into serving dishes. Yeah, she was just like that. As a grown up, though, I love to eat lo mein right out of the carton. With chopsticks. I love and I feel like a rebel.

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  1. This one was tough, even though I thought about it for much of the day yesterday. Your rebelliousness eating Chinese food out of the carton makes me want to eat chocolate ice cream with pretzels even more. How did our parents come up with these rules?!

  2. Food indulgences were all I could think of and I don’t really feel guilty about them, but my day wasn’t my own so…no post. 🙁

    Sadly, I find everything on your list is completely foreign. I now know I live under a rock.

  3. People and Reader’s Digest are perfect reading material for the john. PJs all day, definitely. And take-out Chinese for supper tonight sounds just right. I need something that requires no effort since I have little black spots in front of my eyes from the overexertions of shoveling.

  4. Oh I forgot to add Taco Bell to my list. I love the Nachos Grande. Haven’t yet tried a Crunch Wrap. Will have to stop and get one tomorrow when I drop the kids off at their church youth group dinner

  5. It sounds like we watch the same TV shows and I think Hallmark could be lumped in with Lifetime. Also the same basic plot but I love them too. 🙂
    3rd DDIL introduced me to Noodles and Co and mac and cheese with parmesan chicken. Oh my. It’s probably about a million calories but so worth it. 😀

  6. I love buying People magazine! And I have an addiction for Gardening magazines – even though I don’t garden! Oh heck, I have an addiction for magazines period!

    Linda in VA

  7. Hmmm…only 10? Well, here’s my “short list” in no particular order: (1) PJs all day – rarely but definitely; (2) long lazy days at the beach; (3) chocolate martinis; (4) warm, homemade peanut butter – right out of the jar…alone or with ice cream or marshmallow fluff; (5) reading in bed until the wee hours of the morning; (6) almond joys; (7) burger and fries at Five Guys; (8) pedicures; (9) cooking magazines…far too many!; (10) Pinterest – it’s a big, dark rabbit hole for me and I love it!

  8. what a fun list! and so happy I have no desire to even check out a few of them. (3S? looks like a bad idea!) Marc’s family kept “kosher” so if anything like chinese food or pizza happened to end up in their kitchen, it could only be eaten from the carton – with plastic utensils. life lesson there!

  9. People magazine, pj days, true crime books, Mexican food ( but not Taco Bell—Chipotle or Qdobas if it has to be fast ), meat ( yes, I am a carnivore ), driving about 45 miles to a great yarn store in the woods instead of going to one closer to home, looking through knitting mags even when there are already too many projects already waiting, red red toenail polish, catalogues, and Nashville ( the TV program ).

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