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Another Monday, another day off. Seriously. This is the 4th Monday in a row that I haven’t worked – the past 3 due to snow and today due to the President’s Day holiday. Although, given the 24″ we got dumped on us Saturday and Sunday, today may have wound up being another snow day.


It was a good weekend.

On Friday I took down all of the twinkle lights and greens and I put up Valentine’s Day decorations. I was just so sick of everything about my house at that point and I needed a change. So I gathered everything I could find that was red and I put it on the mantel in the living room and on the shelf of the bay window in the kitchen. And I felt better about it.


I picked up a new chalkboard sign last week and I wrote on it for the holiday.

I made Dale a book of coupons for Valentine’s Day. Coupons for things like “a movie of your choice” and “your favorite home cooked meal”. That’s the gift you get when your wife already spent $800 on a snow blower. Ahem.

I also made him cream puffs. Because family tradition.



For something different I made heart shaped cherry hand pies. They were cute. And pretty yummy.

We got together Saturday night with our friends. We were supposed to be going to a Valentine’s Day dance with Dale’s band but that has been postponed until this weekend because of the snow. What are the odds it won’t snow again this coming weekend? Heh.

It was a fun night, full of laughs and drinks and delicious food. And Quiddler. Oh, and a dip in the hot tub in the snow. That was fun.

Sunday it snowed and snowed some more but then the sun came out and everything sparkled.

And Sunday night ended with an impromptu visit with Dale’s brother that included lots of story telling. And a finished pair of socks for Dale. More on those later this week, of course.

How was your weekend?


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend in spite of the snow! We got snow too…the first real accumulation of all winter. It’s scary dry here. Mother Nature needs to be more even handed in dealing out the snow amounts! 🙂

  2. Busy and fun! I did a lot of cooking on Saturday and a lot of relaxing on Sunday…after the snow clean-up. Looks like your weekend was great!

  3. Mmmm, your cherry hand pies look delicious, and I’m sure they were. A weekend that includes the hot tub in the snow and ends with storytelling and a finished pair of socks sounds great!

  4. Valentine’s Day is more fun when you’ve been married for a long time and you know what makes the other happy. Buying the snow blower when you did was genius!

  5. OMG–I was watching national news and they said MA was getting hit by another huge storm. The jetstream has shifted, it’s snowed all night and still coming down, but we still don’t have the level of snow you’ve gotten! Hopefully, the shift will be a reprieve for all of you!

    P.S. your cherry tartlets are beautiful!

  6. You’re definitely the queen of making lemonade out of lemons! I saw Plymouth several times on the news and still can’t wrap my brain around the amount of snow that you and Boston have (and Boston is my home town – lived there for years and years!). We only got 6″ but baby it’s cold outside! I finished a sweater for my hero, baked, cooked, had friends in for dinner, etc., and of course, enjoyed some tulips with hopes of an early spring to come! Stay warm and be well!

  7. I’m glad the Saturday night gig was postponed (as you hoped). Spring just has to arrive pretty soon.

    What I did for my cabin fever is take a fairy-garden container class at my local nursery. I love looking at my little fairy garden – it’s green!

    My sister sent me a link to earrings that she thought my DD (in Boston) would like for her B-day:

    My sister does have a sense of humor!

  8. Weatherwise, pretty sucky. The furnace was working hard but couldn’t keep the house warm enough for comfort. On the plus side, my elder daughter was here, and I dug out some spare yarn. She brushed up on knitting and purling and is making herself some leg warmers.

  9. Yep. The February BLAHs are in full swing. This is when you need to keep telling yourself . . . I’ll soon be sitting on the beach in Mexico . . . I’ll soon be sitting on the beach in Mexico. It might help. . .

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