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Three Things on Thursday

You know I put a positive face on for the blog, right? Things happen that aren’t always so great but I just don’t tend to blog about them much. Sure, I share my sorrows and you guys have been super supportive when I’ve experienced heartbreak but when it comes to the day-to-day stuff, well, I truly believe that thinking positive brings positive energy so I try not to be negative.

You know where this is going, right?

Maybe it’s cabin fever, maybe it’s looking out a landscape that is all white and grey, or maybe I’m just plain cranky but I’m about to share 3 things that are bugging me this week. Ready?

  1. The Facebook pages of local towns and the people who comment there. Talk about negative energy! All the complaints (the roads aren’t plowed properly, my mailbox was smashed [omg! mine, too says 300 follow up commenters], is there school tomorrow?, and – my personal favorite lately – anyone know when the snow is going to stop? Seriously? If you can find Facebook then you can find and maybe you should ask that question there. Of course, it was bad enough that she asked, what made it worse was that people actually answered her. The town I live in is not unique, I’ve observed the same behavior on the page for the town where I work. And I’m not saying that some things aren’t legitimate complaints. But, if you’re going to complain, wouldn’t it be better to complain to someone who can actually solve your problem? Like, say, the DPW? Or the Board of Selectmen’s Office? Bitching on Facebook isn’t going to do a damn thing to fix any of this other than to help you find like-minded individuals. So, I’m mostly hiding that stuff now. It’s a shame because there is (occasionally) good information and conversation there but these negative nellies have ruined it.
  2. I have a big bottle of Aveeno hand lotion. I like it because it’s unscented and it’s nice and thick but not greasy. The bottle I have has a pump and the pump has stopped working – I’m guessing because it doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom – but there is still loads of lotion in that bottle. Soooooo, every morning I have to turn it upside and whack it against my hand to get the lotion out. Can they really not make a pump that works until the lotion is all gone?
  3. Crooked photos. This is another Facebook thing, I’ll admit. I know that not everyone is a stellar photographer and I don’t expect them to be. But I have to admit that a crooked photo, particularly if it’s of a landscape with a definite horizon line, drives me crazy. It’s very simple to fix in just about any photo processing program. Does it take an extra moment or two? Yes. Does it completely change the quality of the photo once you’ve straightened it out? Holy cow, YES. Straighten your photos, people.

And there you have it. And you know what? I don’t actually feel better. If anything I think complaining about this has made me crankier. I can’t have that so let me leave you with this photo of some absolutely delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly Squares I made the other day.

pb and j squares for carole knits

There. That’s better.

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  1. So very with you on the lotion dispenser thing. The photos? Maybe that’s the way those folks actually see the world. It would help explain their distorted expectations on FB, eh? ????

  2. Yeah. That much snow . . .
    The lotion? Man, I’ve been griping about that one for years! I actually try not to buy pump containers anymore for that very reason. Such a waste (which is probably their entire purpose. . . )!

  3. I agree about the negative energy on Facebook. I have decided to deactivate my account for the time being. I was getting bored with it anyways.

  4. Therefore, I spend little time on FB and only follow my dearest friends and family. Instagram has fewer words and I like that. 🙂

  5. I’m completely with you on #1. I had to leave several groups associated with my town when they became populated with people that endlessly commented “Somebody should do something!” and others who thought that commenting on facebook meant they were “doing something”. I think I’ll do something and make some pb & j bars!

  6. Stooooopid pumps. And FB is so good at growing the negative! We have big political issues in our little town right now and the time and energy people spend working the negative is crazy. Like you, I’ve pretty much chosen just not to look any longer. Those PBJ bars look wonderful!

  7. Ditto to everything you said and add these two: 1. pulling in to Dunkin Donuts only to find out they have your order wrong the woman at the window is giggling about it!(don’t mess with my coffee on days like this!) and 2. going to a meeting and not being able to find a place to park because of all of the (*&^%$# snow! Rant over.

  8. You must join us on Instagram! It’s full of happy people and very inspiring craft wise. Major time suck…but there are worse things !

  9. I’m with you, I find that when people, including myself complain it only makes the hurdle seem higher and harder….thus my word this year. Sometimes it’s hard not to complain, especially when there are so many gray days, but Spring will be here soon, I can feel it. I don’t know why I say that, but I can feel it.

    I have some pretty nice handcream that is pumpless, just sayin’.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  10. Yesterday was my cranky day 🙂 USPS not delivering as promised, and the bagger at the grocery store! Good lord! If I put like items together on the belt for them and all they have to do is scan them and put them in the bag as they come down the chute, is it really necessary to put my quart of cream on top of my bread? Rant over 🙂

  11. Wait a minute–if the lotion pump went all the way to the bottom, none of the rest of the bottle would pump readily. My solution–remove pump, put cap on and find a way to place bottle upside down until contents are used. As for the snow…

  12. I had a thought: as long as you are opening up the Aveno and whomping it, why not load the remaining lotion into a travel bottle for your trips? Then you would be justified in getting a new big bottle, and you would feel good about having a supply for the beach and for your Mexico jaunts.

  13. first time commenter…
    I can’t help with the two FB things, but I have the solution to the hand cream, which also used to drive me crazy.

    This EZ funnel thing makes it possible to drain the dregs from an almost done bottle to a new one. You just plug the narrow end into the new bottle, then invert the old bottle into the funnel, prop them against a wall or in a corner somewhere and let it drain overnight.

    I found mine at Meijer’s (midwest discount chain) so you might check that kind of store, or order online.

  14. I am SO RELIEVED that YOUR TOWN is just like MY TOWN and it’s NOT JUST US! What especially irks me, if I may, is when BUSINESS OWNERS spout their negativity on those pages about City Hall and everyone from the mayor on down the line. REALLY? You’re going to effect any type of meaningful conversation or change that way??

    I’ve been thinking of making some “horizon” marks on my phone case — I am often a little bit off and my own crooked photos bug me more than anyone else’s! (Not always in a position to fix… or time.)

  15. FB is annoying. My issue with it is almost no one puts cute pictures of their pets or kids but silly sayings and endless recipes. /sigh
    February is so short on the calendar but seems like there will be no end to it when you are living it. On Saturday we are half way done. Yay?

  16. There’s a room here, in N Central Florida, with your name on it… I even have a spinning wheel and some pretty orange sherbet colored fiber, that needs working through, to brighten the doldrums… 🙂 Though we’re scheduled for 30’s tonight, and 20’s tomorrow night, there’s not a chance of snow… 😉 As Johnny Olsen used to say— Carole Julius, C’mon down!

    Seriously, I’m sorry it is all getting to you.

    Crank up the heat, put your photos from Mexico on “slideshow”, pour yourself (and Dale) some tequila and throw a fiesta.

    Hope this is the last week of horrible weather for you.

    Warmest thoughts, heading your way.

  17. I thought I was the only one who was cranky! Silly things drive me crazy lately too. I’m blaming the snow and the cold. When is it ever going to stop snowing? (As she reaches through the computer and smacks me – Teeheehee).

  18. So….when IS it going to stop snowing? (Sorry, I just had to)
    I detested winters growing up in Northern Illinois because I would get cabin fever (or as it is now called SADS) My grades would drop third quarter and everything. I knew it was happening before I even knew it was a ‘thing’. Wishing you warmth and smiles.

  19. I have to agree with you…..I find that the more I complain, the crankier I get. I think it is all infectious. Today I am going to try to just find the good in everything I see on Faceback….ha ha Wish me luck!

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