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Snow, Snow, and More Snow

It’s snowing here. Again. Yes, yes, I know it’s winter in New England and I know that snow is (sometimes) part of that experience. But we’ve had a lot of snow in the last couple of weeks.

before blizzard 2015 for carole knits

Here is our driveway at the very start of the Blizzard of 2015. This was the storm at the end of January.

during blizzard 2015 for carole knits

And here is a similar shot during that blizzard. I’d say we got 2 feet or so but there was a lot of drifting so it wasn’t easy to tell.

after blizzard 2015 for carole knits

It was a lot of snow. And, while my brother-in-law is very good about plowing the driveway, there are still walkways and more that have to be shoveled. Dale has been suggesting that we get a snow blower for years but I always resisted. We had kids at home who helped, it’s good exercise, it doesn’t snow that much. You know the drill.


On the day after we got all that snow from the blizzard I went out and helped Dale shovel. After about 10 minutes I looked at him and said, “why don’t we have a snow blower?” His answer: “you’re kidding, right?”

after feb 1 snowstorm for carole knits

A few days after that conversation we had another storm that dumped close to a foot on us. I went to work that day and I made a couple of phone calls and wa-la we are now the proud owners of an Ariens snow blower.

And that’s a very good thing since we’re in the midst of another snow, ummmm, event. That bird bath in the front yard? It’s just about completely buried in snow now.

How many days until spring?

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  1. Timing is everything in some decisions, eh? May your snow blower be like insurance, better to have it and not need it…

  2. YIKES!!!! That’s a lot of snow!! I don’t blame you both for getting a snow blower!
    Looks beautiful there though! ??

  3. The “question marks” On my last post were supposed to be a snowman (on my IPhone6) 🙂

  4. Very smart move to get Dale a snow blower. It is 57 degrees here this morning. Snow blowers are not selling in Utah. What is selling is sandals, shorts, and t-shirts! Come on out!
    PS…we’re envious of your snow.

  5. Our 27 year old snow blower crapped out just as we were finishing cleaning out from the blizzard. We are also the proud owners of a new John Deere rig. It has proven itself quite well the last couple of weeks! We’re saying Uncle too! I’m resorting to eating a donut today to make myself feel better. 😉

  6. I love your fairy tale house! But that is a lot of snow. Sounds like you are even in for more according to our news. No more beach days here either. We’ve had a ton of rain the last few days. Stay warm.

  7. You know me…I don’t mind the winter that much, but I have to say as I am sitting here watching it snow now on day 3, it’s getting old. Thankfully we have our large driveway plowed.

  8. Wow. Boston can’t catch a break with the snow. I’m glad you got a snow thrower! I hope you have a slow melt when spring comes.

    My DD did make it to Boston last Wednesday after having her flight cancelled three times. I hope she makes it to work today. She called me Friday night and said ‘Mom, there’s SO much snow!’.

  9. This is ridiculous already. More snow coming Thursday too! Glad you have snow blower to help out. I had to chuckle when I imagined Dale saying “you’re kidding right?”.

  10. We keep seeing Boston buried in snow on TV and now chez Carole and Dale in the same state. Snow blower is one of those things that you don’t need until you need it!

  11. My son’s are in OK an SC and they keep texting me “More snow? hahahaha” Little brats! LOL The OK son even texted his dad the other morning that he was having a hard time deciding if he was driving his truck or his motorcycle to work that day.

  12. Wishing you could send some of that out our way! Or at least as far as Lake Tahoe…we are parched out here!

  13. This winter has done it to us too. I am wimping out on Rich’s behalf and getting him a snowblower. Poor guy, all he has done for the past month is shovel!

  14. So happy you invested in a snow blower…it will save your back and get you finished in a fraction of the time! We dodged the bullet along the southern coast of RI today – absolutely nothing is happening. We got maybe 2″ max early this morning…all the schools cancelled and truly, they easily could have had school today. But this is New England – a slight shift in wind direction and everything changes! Stay warm and be safe!

  15. I love our snowblower and am glad you got one, as there’s more of that (insert expletive here) snow coming later this week. We currently have the thrill of sleet, freezing rain, and ice, with snow on top of it; I’m wondering if I can get some sort of flamethrower to clear the sidewalks and driveway.

  16. I bet snow blowers will be in short supply where you live…you might be lucky that you got one now.

    That pure white snow is pretty in it’s own way…

  17. DH and the kids have been out snowblowing and shoveling 3 times today. Thank God for the snowblower as one can shovel this stuff up and over only so high. The then town plow dumps a huge wall of snow at the end of the driveway. I shoveled that out as DH’s car would not have been able to make it in from errands and PT. I had to push it down the street a ways. Oh, make sure you check the snowblower over the summer. Ours is in the shed during the summer and mice made a huge nest condo in the gear box. They destroyed a hammock for the purpose. Took forever to clean it out. Think tweezers….. to get the last of the fibers out. Lol.

  18. I guess that was yesterday’s snow…and I have a feeling tomorrow’s I Love list isn’t going to include anything cold, icy and white?! Y’all have been hit hard (more than once!), but still it’s all hot chocolate, cozy fires and knitting. …and now – snow blowers 🙂 I’m impressed!

  19. You have my sympathies for all that snow! We had a heck of a winter last year, but yours seems to be an all-time record breaker.

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