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In case you missed it . . . this happened:


And even though other stuff went on this weekend, well, all I can really think about is:

It’s sweet, I’ll tell ya.

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  1. At least it was a good game and not your usual Super Bowl blow out. We kept the sound down or off as we watched out of curiosity more than anything. Smith wants to fit in with the guys at work, ja know? But, congrats to the Pats. Your evening ended on a high note, for sure!

  2. So exciting! My granddaughter lives in Milton ,Ma. And Pat, the mascot came to their school Friday. Yesterday she had on Brady jersey ready for the big game and seeing Katy Perry at half time. No school today so I’m sure she was up for half time.

  3. I’m still hoarse this morning from all the yelling and screaming! What an ending – this is one for the books! Just amazing – and lots of smiles in our house!
    Maybe two inches of snow here on the coast – already turned to rain. I would rather have snow than ice when all of this freezes!

  4. Yes it did happen! What a nail biter. Even my husband, the die-hard Giants fan, was cheering for the Pats. Yay Patriots!!!

  5. Congratulations Pats! And aren’t you off work today due to the weather? Double Sweet!

    (my DD’s still trying to get out there for work…. her flight has been canceled/rebooked twice)

  6. Amazingly interesting game, even for our non-football watching family. And our snacks were great!

  7. It was a great game. Funny how everyone talks about blowouts and the majority of games in recent years have been close. Love watching a game that isn’t over til it’s over!

  8. We watched too and it was an interesting game. Congrats on the win!
    Some commercials were good and others…not so much.
    The 1st part of the half time show reminded me of one of the recent opening day of the Olympics….with the colored balls and the mechanical lion…that was a lion right?? 🙂

  9. it’s fun that the team I was cheering for won… and I finally managed to stay awake for the whole game! congratulations – I’m sure it’s been a huge celebration up there today!

  10. Haha. Congrats to your team!! It was really fun watching in a little cantina over cerveza and lovely fish tacos — the little that I saw, anyway!

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