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Weekending. Yes, On A Wednesday

I must have my days all mixed up – last week I did Eye Candy Friday on Thursday and this week I’m doing Weekending on Wednesday. I’d say I’m being flexible but you all know me better than that so I’ll just say I’m adjusting my blogging to fit my life rather than the other way around.

And so, the weekend.

SPA was, in a word, fantastic. I mean, really, what’s not fantastic about 3+ days with some of my favorite people on earth? Not to mention that those days are filled with spinning and shopping, delicious food and cocktails, knitting and yarn and fiber and not a bit of anything that isn’t 100% F.U.N.

lobster taco for carole knits

Jo-Ann and I headed up on Thursday and our first stop, per tradition, was it Gritty McDuff’s. Not only did with both get flights of beer but we both got lobster tacos. And let me tell you, those tacos were delicious!  I made a vow right then and there to have lobster every day while we were in Maine. Turns out, those tacos were the only time I had lobster, so I’m glad they were really good.

cheese tray for carole knits

We spent the rest of the afternoon greeting friends, settling into our room, doing some knitting and maybe a leetle drinking. Dinner that night was a wonderful cheese tray followed by even better pizza at the Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro with our friends Kelly and Diane.

bourbon for carole knits

Friday we were (finally!) joined by Sharon. The day passed quickly as we greeted even more friends, set up our wheels and did some spinning, shopped at the vendors, and sampled a bit of bourbon. The bourbon sampling was prompted by this article and the fact that I found two of those bourbons at the awesome grocery store right around the corner from the hotel.  Dinner on Friday night was a bigger crowd – there were 14 of us! – at the Broad Arrow Tavern located in the Harraseeket Inn. I had a wonderfully tender filet mignon and that, along with the company of my friends, made it a perfect dinner.

saturday night dinner for carole knits

Saturday was more of the same but that shouldn’t be construed as being anything but awesome. More spinning. More laughing. More shopping and more yarn and fiber. More, more, more = good, good, good. We had to take an earlier than normal dinner reservation because of our party of 12 but, honestly, what a good problem to have, right? I kept thinking, how lucky am I that all these people want to have dinner together and that they trust me to arrange it?

short ribs for carole knits

Anyway, back to the Tuscan Bistro we went and I had the amazing short ribs, a repeat of what I had last year. They weren’t on the menu but I had mentioned how much I loved them when I made the reservation and – guess what? – the chef made them for me and also offered them to anyone else in our group.

burrata for carole knits

I also split an incredible burrata appetizer with Jo-Ann and we shared this great chocolate cake as well.

smores torte for carole knits

That chocolate cake must have served me well because I managed to stay up until 1:30am. Those of you who know me well know that I am definitely not a night owl so this was unusual. It was also incredibly fun and I had a great time, first spinning until well after 11:30 and then hanging out in Kelly’s room, drinking cosmos and laughing and just really reveling in our last night together.

breakfast for carole knits

Sunday morning arrived with a whoooosh. We had our last breakfast at the hotel, shopped the vendors one last time, and sat at our wheels together for the last bit of spinning we could eke out of the weekend.

I am so blessed to have these friends, to share this time together, to practice our craft and share our stories, to talk about books and movies, to confide in each other and support each other and catch up and make plans for next time. Because, if I have any say in the matter, there will most definitely be a next time.

Maybe I’ll even take pictures of things besides booze and food. Maybe.

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  1. Sounds completely wonderful. Completely. (You will always beat me on the stay-up time, and out-drinking this wimp is a given. But still.)

  2. I scrolled through this post (on my way to read Tuesday’s) and all I could think was YUMMMM… great meals with friends and fiber-y goodness in between. Sounds lovely.

  3. As wonderful as the food is in Freeport, the absolute best thing about SPA is spending quality time with some truly amazing women!

  4. Speaking on behalf of everyone who has benefited from your organization skills, it’s a lot of work to arrange those dinners and make reservations, so thanks so much for serving as SPA cruise director! Having a big crew together for meals is a real highlight of the weekend.

  5. Sounds fun and now that you’ve made me hungry, I gotta ask – spinning pictures??? Fiber photos?

  6. What an incredible weekend! I certainly hope there is a next time, and I will always welcome more beautiful photos of food and booze!

  7. And I plan on being there with you next time! That dessert looked delicious. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. What a great weekend it must have been.

  8. Booze and food work for me–especially since the only diet I’m onmis a yarn diet! The weekend sounds amazing–if course, what weekend isn’t amazing when spent with knitters and spinners!

  9. Looks like a fabulous weekend, and I am SO envious of your stop at Gritty’s. 🙂

  10. My travel photos are pretty much plates of food, too, but they pale in comparison to your beautiful photos.

  11. Oh, WOW! What a great weekend!!! So jealous. . . what a fun (and tasty!!!) weekend. (Lobster tacos? That sounds unbelievable!!!)

  12. It was fun, wasn’t it? It always goes by waaaay too fast! I was so happy to see you Bridgewater girls!!

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