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Ten On Tuesday

I know there are people who despise Daylight Savings Time – goodness knows they are talking about that on the Facebooks. Personally, I like the light at the end of the day. Even more to the point, I’m not going to spend my time complaining about it since there’s nothing I can do about it, short of moving to Arizona. So, like it or not, Daylight Savings Time is here and this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is asking for 10 Things I Will Do During That Extra Hour of Light at the End of the Day.

spring chalkboard art for carole knits

  1. Take photos. I will miss the morning light but I’ll be driving to work during sunrise for at least a little while and having light after work is just awesome.
  2. Walk and/or run outside after work. This won’t happen until the sidewalks are free of ice and snow, however.
  3. Sit by a window and read. I love not having to use artificial light.
  4. Sit outside. Smell spring in the air. Watch the snow melt. It’s too cold to do this for an entire hour right now but it’s coming.
  5. Drink wine. After all, that new study says that drinking a glass of wine is the equivalent of working out for an hour. Or something like that.
  6. Practice my Spanish. Our trip to Mexico is right around the corner!
  7. Spin outside on my deck. Since coming back from SPA I have been making a concerted effort to spin more frequently. Hell, spinning once between now and Fiber Revival will be one more time than I spun between Fiber Revival and SPA. Still, I love spinning outside and that time is coming.
  8. Knit in natural light. See #3.
  9. Use moisturizer. Seriously, this winter has wreaked havoc with my skin and the extra daylight is making that glaringly obvious. In other words, I look better in the dark.
  10. Watch the snow melt. Bah bye winter. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

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  1. I must point out that the studies about wine are starting to conflict. So I like it for the fun of it. That is good enough.

    And not being able to change something short of moving to Arizona or Alaska has never stopped a single soul from complaining. Including you and I.

  2. It’s always amazing how good 40 degrees F can feel . . . after a sub-zero month! Enjoy the melt, Carole!

  3. I love doing all the things on your list (except Spanish and spinning) and I love this extra hour of daylight!

  4. Being outdoors is the #1 reason I love the time change! Happy melting, grrlfriend. Get out the sunscreen! Here comes summer.

  5. Most of us look better in the dark. In my case, a new moon is required. During the first week, it’s hard to remember to make dinner on time!

  6. My hands are so dry I look like I’m 80 years old. I can’t stand it And I’m right there with ya on the snow – buh bye white crap!

  7. I don’t think of it as DST, I like to call it the opening of BBQ season. Let the “yard chard(onnay)” start to flow freely!

  8. I love daylight savings time. I wish we could just stay here. I am not sure why we have to change. I’d much rather have light in the evening than in the mornings. I am NOT a morning person. Have a super week

  9. reading your list feels more like Spring than the 60 degree day we had here today! (and when I read you were spinning on your deck, I thought wow! yay Carole, you put a BIKE on your deck!)

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