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Ten On Tuesday

It’s been a while since we had a Ten on Tuesday topic that has to do with food. And, next to topics about books, food topics are pretty much the most popular ones we do. I learned so much about cheese at that cheese class we went to a few weeks ago – I discovered new cheeses and let me tell you, I have spent more time in the gourmet cheese section of the grocery story lately than I ever have before.  In case you can’t tell, this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is my 10 Favorite Kinds of Cheese.

cheese platter for carole knits

  1. Fresh mozzarella. Also included here, burrata. My temptation is to eat it like an apple but I resist.
  2. Washed Rind cheeses of any variety. This is the number one cheese I discovered in that class. The one I loved best is called Oma and it’s made by the Von Trapp Family and I think the only place I can get it is Whole Paycheck, which I try to avoid. The good news is that I have also discovered other washed rind cheeses that I like. They are stinky and soft and absolutely wonderful.
  3. Blue Cheese. We have a local one called Great Blue Hill that’s very good. It’s strong and nicely marbled with mold and it’s absolutely amazing when stuffed into a green olive and put in a dirty martini.
  4. Cabot Cloth Covered Cheddar. It’s pricey but worth every single penny. As the cheese guru said at the class we took: if you don’t like this cheese the problem is you, not the cheese.
  5. Cheese Spread from the Red Coach Grille. This is a throwback to my childhood. I have found halfway decent substitutes but none are exactly the same.
  6. Brie. Preferably warmed and topped with cranberries.
  7. Cracker Barrel Aged Reserve. Also a throwback to my childhood, this is the one my mom always served on Sunday afternoons before dinner. She topped it with sliced raw onions and there was always a tin of smoked oysters on the side. The crackers: Sociables, of course.
  8. Swiss. My favorite on a sandwich.
  9. Pecorino Romano. The best for grating over pasta!
  10. Pepperjack. Nothing fancy about pepperjack but I love it’s spiciness.

The truth is that I like pretty much all cheese, including American in a grilled cheese sandwich, and pimiento cheese spread on celery. Cheese, glorious cheese!

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  1. I love cheese as well. I especially enjoy cheese with sliced tart apples. I would love to try Oma, it sounds delicious. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. I often dive into the collective knowledge pool of the ToT posts. That might be very dangerous this week. Delicious but dangerous!

  3. Good ol’ American grilled cheese sandwich, accompanied by Campbell’s tomato soup! Takes you right back to being 7, doesn’t it? (Or 37.) Heh.

  4. My list is a quick one – mozzarella. Yep, that’s it. I used to eat American cheese when I was a kid but as a rule I’m not a big cheese eater. Cheddar (real cheddar, not that nasty liquid stuff) on my potato skins would be the exception. Oh, and if the mozzarella is fresh, give me some balsamic vinegar and basil with a bit of Italian bread.

  5. Oh Carole…. it’s rare that I comment, but I’ve got a line on some awesome SMOKED cheese for you to try. Check it out at swoon worthy I tell you! There is a special place in my heart for their smoked blue cheese… which is excellent on a burger and makes THE BEST blue cheese dressing ever. Over the weekend someone shared their smoked american cheese with me. I never would have guessed it was plain ol american cheese, it was just.that.good.

  6. This was interesting to read. Confession–although my taste is grownup about most foods, it won’t countenance bleu cheese! Somehow this seems like a real gap. But, you definitely mentioned some interesting cheeses to try!

  7. I agree, here’s nothing like a good fresh mozzarella. We eat it in sliced layers alternating with tomatoes and basil finished with fleur de sel. For pure decadence sometime, try Explorateur (it’s a triple creme).

  8. I wonder if you can get the Oma straight from the gift shop at the Lodge?

  9. Oh my what a subject! (Which I had full intention of participating in but…) Cheddar, cheese spread, brie…you’re singing my song! I think cheese and crackers is the #1 app ever. Great list Carole!

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