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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

The state of the knitting is the same as last week. The same 2 pairs of socks. The same mystery shawl. And, while I love the mystery shawl, I am of the other two projects. I need something fun and jazzy to take with me to Mexico. Maybe this? I’m open to suggestions if you’ve got any.

In the meantime, I am going to show you a picture of Mason that I took last week, as Mary K. suggested when I posted a picture of a cocktail.

mason april 2015 for carole knits

My beautiful little buddy gave us a bit of a scare last year when he lost half his body weight in a very short amount of time. Now that his thyroid is being regulated with medication, though, he has gained back all that he lost and he’s just as handsome as ever.

Let’s just hope Hannah remembers his pills and his food & water while we are away. Hmmm?


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  1. So glad Mason is healthy again! …and I love those zickzacks! The pattern looks just interesting enough and it would be so fun to see how the colors evolve.

  2. So glad Mason (such a beautiful kitty!) is thriving.
    I LOVE that ZickZack scarf. I think it would be fun to knit, and the color-changing should keep it interesting enough (because, face it, scarves tend to get tedious. . .). Beach knitting needs to be fairly mindless . . . because who needs to consult a chart when there’s sun and surf!?!

  3. I like the scarf too. Great color, a tiny bit of thought and plenty of opportunity to zone out and stare at the sun/shoreline/Dale/your drink/alltheothergreatthings!

  4. I think you may have chosen the perfect vacation knitting. Fun, colorful, uncomplicated, and goes well with tequila!

  5. Sweet kitty! Animals are so precious and so vulernable when they’re sick. I am sure that Hannah will follow through while you’re gone–she is your daughter after all! I’m not all in with the Zick Zack, but it’s probably great with the right colors. And as other commenters have pointed out, it is the right level of interesting but not brain damaging!

  6. What a lovely cat! Our big orange loveable baby is in his middle teens now, and getting a bit thin and scraggy, and he sleeps most of the time. (I keep checking to make sure he’s breathing!)

  7. Like you, Carole, I would spend hours trying to find the “perfect” knitting project to take along on our vacations. After years of carrying a knitting bag on our travels, my “perfect” knitting project is now no knitting project at all. I know that’s considered “heresy” among avid knitters and a very unpopular recommendation. However, after all my deliberations about what to take, I barely looked at the project…especially at the beach due to sunscreen, sand, etc. I had just as wonderful a time and read a lot during any “down” time we had…and felt as if I was sharing the time more with my husband rather than with a knitting project. No judgments here whatsoever, truly…just my humble opinion for whatever it’s worth. I can only imagine all your readers now hitting the delete button…my apologies!

  8. That scarf has been in my queue for a while…. I absolutely love it. Been waiting to buy the yarn, though. Might have to look into that sooner than later, now that you reminded me of it. I think it looks like it should be just mindless enough, but with enough interest to keep my attention.

  9. What a beautiful kitty! Glad to hear he is doing better!
    I’m doing that zick zack scarf right now. Mine isn’t looking exactly like it – because I’m not using self striping yarns. But I still like mine quite a bit! Just need to get back to working on it!

    Linda in VA

  10. I like that scarf a lot. I think that will be light enough to knit in the warmer weather too. And somewhat portable. Our last cat had a thyroid condition as well. I know so many older kitties that seem to develop it. The pills work well to keep the weight on. Does he have a ravenous appetite? Our cat ate everything that wasn’t tied down!

  11. I love the scarf, and think it is the perfect mix of color and semi-mindlessness for vacation knitting. I always love knitting my own souvenir from vacations… 🙂

    Glad your sweet kitty is feeling better!

  12. That looks like a fun scarf & a fun knit — just enough interest to be entertaining, but also (possibly more importantly) not very complicated! My record has been similar to Maureen’s in terms of vacation knitting… but I still have to bring it! And I actually knit quite a bit last vacation (in Mexico!).

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