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Ten On Tuesday

I’m generally very good at getting things done. I make lists and I set up schedules and I check things off. Sometimes, though, I procrastinate. We all do it and I’m no different. Today I am thinking about all of the things I need to and so today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Need to Do and Stop Procrastinating.

tequila for carole knits
Cheers to procrastinators, everywhere!

  1. My annual mammogram. In my defense, I had scheduled this 4 times last winter and every.single.time it snowed and I had to reschedule. I now have it set up for 2 weeks from Friday. If it snows on May 29th you all have me to blame.
  2. Annual Gyno Visit. See #1.
  3. Cleaning up the bedroom closet floor. It’s a jumble of shoots, boots and bags at the moment. It won’t take much time and it will make things much better when it’s done.
  4. Straighten up the craft room. When we redid the hallway a lot of stuff got sort of tossed in there. Now it’s a hot mess and I need to just put things away.
  5. Finish the quilt top for the den. The pieces are all cut out and ready to stitch together but the craft room is such a mess right now that I can’t work on this until I clean things up in there.
  6. Get started on the library’s Long Range Plan. My Assistant Director is holding my feet to the fire on this and that will help. And it’s on the agenda for the Board of Library Trustees meeting tonight, too, so there will be forward progress.
  7. Creating a Facebook page for Carole Julius Photography. I actually had a meeting last week with a professional designer and he is working on a logo for me so I am, at least, almost ready to do this one.
  8. Finalizing the menu for Hannah’s graduation party. I think I’m there but I keep switching up the appetizers. I can’t put this decision off any longer, though, so this may be the first thing I actually get done.
  9. Figuring out what to plant in the front garden beds. Kym even offered to help and all I have to do is send her some photos. Have I done it? Nope.
  10. Decorating the mantel in the living room. I need to come up with stuff that’s up there when it’s not a holiday – I’ve got fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter covered but now? It’s just a big blank space.

I’m going to make a plan and set some goals and tackle this list of stuff. If you wrote a post for today please click the link below so that we can all come and read it. If you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email please click here.

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  1. Somehow it makes me feel better that even you can procrastinate! I bet you’ll soon get everything on your list done, plus more.

  2. You get more things done that I can even think to do! You’re a doer, a mover and a shaker, and I believe you can do ANYTHING you need to do.

  3. Great ToT. I think we all have these lists and like to procrastinate on certain items. Maybe we should do another one in a couple of months to see what got moved off the list. Can’t wait to see your FB page develop for your photo biz!

  4. It’s always harder when you have to do B to be able to do A etc – kind of stalls me out sometimes ???? Go for it!

  5. Your list is making me nervous. My own list is so long…..I’d rather sit here and read blogs.

  6. Oh my, this topic is speaking to all my guilty feelings about the stuff that is not done. Gotta go….

  7. I am such a huge procrastinator. And there is so much to do! It makes me tired. I am not going to feel guilty though. I am going to sit, with my coffee and a book, and think about the list for a bit!

  8. Your craft room . . . is the story of my craft room. (As in . . . I could whip this up in a minute. . . if I could GET to the sewing machine.) (Kind of a classic “Give a Mouse a Cookie” tale.) Oh, well. The urgent things get done; the important things have to wait their turn! 🙂

  9. Your #1 should’ve been on my list…I plumb forgot…and we didn’t have 100+ inches of snow, either! Thanks for the reminder and I’m sure you’ll knock out your other 9 items in no time.

  10. I LOVE this week’s prompt (I also hope we revisit our lists … or would that be too much?!) your list is such a great mix of personal and public and big and little… and it’s so true that any – and all! – of that can trip us up. Can’t wait to see what you decide for Hannah’s graduation. Your parties are always perfection!

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