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Throwback Thursday: This One’s For Dale


In honor of Throwback Thursday and in celebration of Dale’s birthday, which is tomorrow, I’m sharing this picture of Dale’s mom, Ruthie, with her 3 boys. (Okay, she eventually wound up with 4 boys and a girl but these were the children she had at this time. Work with me here.)

It was taken in September 1951 at Kozy Kamp Hideaway Village – not that I have any idea where that is. My mother-in-law, gawd love her, was really good about writing on the back of photos. That’s how I know where this was taken and when. It’s also how I know that Randy, the oldest, is 2 1/2 years, Glen is 20 months, and Dale, the baby, is 2 1/2 months. That’s right. 3 boys in 3 1/2 years. And would you just look at her? She looks happy. And like the picture of health with her big smile and her long legs crossed at the ankles. The boys are clean and dressed and smiling and Dale, well, he looks a little milk drunk, but that’s to be expected given his age. I’d be willing to bet the photo was taken by Dale’s dad, Jack, and that would probably account for the looks of adoration on their faces. Well, except for Dale because he’s oblivious. And milk drunk.

I love this photo for a million reasons but mostly for the glimpse it gives me of Dale’s earliest days. He was blessed to be born into a loving family with amazing and supportive parents. They camped and hiked and traveled. They worked hard and played harder. They loved each other and their kids fiercely and set an example that all 5 of their children strive to live up to every day.

Good people, I tell you, and I’m grateful that they raised Dale to be the man he is. So, on Dale’s almost birthday, I just want to say thanks to Ruthie and Jack. You raised a fine man.





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  1. What a GREAT photo! How lucky for Dale . . . to have been born into such a wonderful and supportive family full of love and life. That sort of beginning . . . just can’t help but spill over into the rest of a life. XO and Happy Birthday Eve to Dale.

  2. The photo is priceless and it tells a story of Dale’s early life. You’ve drawn so much from the photo, but you could write a whole book with this photo as the basis, happy ending and all! Happy Birthday to Dale a thousand times over.

  3. Happy birthday, Dale! His mother looks like a woman who could handle anything that came her way. Three bouncing boys under 2 and a half–wow!

  4. Happy Birthday Dale and raise a glass to happy families tomorrow! We’ll join you as it’s my brother’s birthday too.

  5. What a great photo! I love the look on his moms face. She looks so proud and happy to be their mom. The fact that she had 3 boys in that amount of time and is in a place with the word “Kamp” in it – she is my hero.

  6. What a beautiful photo and story – I do love the “milk-drunk” look. 🙂 Happy birthday to Dale!

  7. This is one lovely post. HB2Dale! (Smokey’s birthday was yesterday. We are going to a seafood buffet tonight — his favorite.)

  8. Happy almost Birthday to Dale…and thank you for the warm and loving tribute to his folks. I’m so glad you found that family!

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