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A Month of Photos: June 2015

You know what it means when you see a month of photos on a Monday post, don’t you? It means I wrote the post in advance so that I didn’t have to think about writing a post over the weekend. I’m sneaky that way. So, let’s look at the month of June 2015 in photos.

June mosaic

What a beautiful month it was! And, do you remember earlier this year when I talked about how I needed to talk more pictures of people? Well. There are 10 pictures in June that have people in them. Yay me! There’s also the usual array of food, flowers and fun, hanging out with family and friends, and just finding joy through the lens of my camera.

I hope July can live up to the challenge set by June.

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  1. oh Carole – what a beautiful month! I’m sure July will live up to the challenge – how can a full month of summer not?! (and sigh, I still haven’t uploaded all my June photos…must do that. soon!)

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