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A Day In Boston

Wow, what a weekend that was! Jam packed with friends and family and adventure, the first of which was the day we spent in Boston with Hillary’s family. Please to note: I said Hillary’s family, Hillary herself was not able to join us. Nevertheless we enjoyed the hell out of a day with Bruce and two of their daughters.
duck boat for carole knits

We started with a duck boat tour. It’s something Dale and I had never done but we thought it would be a great way for everyone to see the city without too much walking for little 4 year old legs.

trinity church and hancock tower for carole knits

That’s Trinity Church with the Hancock Tower behind it.

state house dome from charles river for carole knits

And that gold dome is the State House, as viewed from the Charles River on a duck boat.

back bay from charles river for carole knits

There’s the unmistakable Hancock Tower again. To the right you can see the Prudential Center as well as other landmarks of the Boston skyline.

yawkey way for carole knits

Our duck boat fun left us very thirsty so we headed for Yawkey Way and had beer and dinner at Boston Beerworks.

bruce flight beer for carole knits

Bruce enjoyed a flight of their local brews – his favorite was the watermelon.

citgo sign for carole knits

In case it wasn’t already obvious with our decision to have dinner on Yawkey Way, we had tickets to the Red Sox, courtesy of a most excellent connection Bruce has. What’s more iconic than that Citgo sign?

fenway park for carole knits

Well, perhaps this. The Green Monster. As viewed from our amazing seats at the State Street Pavilion directly above home plate.

fenway margarita for carole knits

Watching the game from the State Street Pavilion was pretty sweet. We had access to a full bar (which means I got to have a Margarita at Fenway – woo hoo!), wait service at our seats, and private bathrooms.

fenway franks for carole knits

I’m glad to say that even though I haven’t been to a ballgame since 1996 (and Dale hasn’t been since Jim Rice was a player) the hot dogs haven’t changed a bit. Well. Except for the price.

dale carole fenway for carole knits

The cherry on the sundae of this day was the Red Sox win in the 12th inning. Sweet Caroline and Dirty Water have never sounded so good. Thanks, Bruce, for a wonderful time at the game, it was a memorable day, that’s for sure.

P.S. Hannah’s home!

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  1. I’m not a big baseball fan, but I’m fairly sure that even I could get excited about the game with wait service and a full bar!

  2. I love baseball and I’m just a teeny bit envious of your time in Fenway. It looks like a marvelous weekend with friends, family and lots and lots of fun!
    Yay, Hannah!

  3. There’s truly no other city like Boston, and definitely no other ball park like Fenway! The photos are (as always) amazing, my favorite is the skyline with those ominous clouds. So glad the Sox won – while any game at Fenway is great, it’s always so much sweeter when they win (especially in extra innings)!!

  4. What a very fabulous weekend; I’m envious! And I wish I’d had your skyline photo to work off when I made my “Boston Strong” hat pattern. (You can see it on Ravelry on the original designers page – I added the Citgo sign and I-forget-what-else to it.)

  5. What a full but fun day! I think Saturday was one of the nicest days of the summer so far. You had a great one to walk around Boston. And for the Red Sox!

  6. What a glorious weekend! I love Boston so much. I saw the duck boats but never had a chance to go on one–they look like a great way to see the sights. The socks on the beer cup makes it look like they’re marketing baseball to knitters!

  7. When I used to go to Fenway it was $5 seats in the bleachers. That was fun, but your experience sounds just a bit better. Love Boston!

  8. Now THAT sounds like an EXCELLENT weekend! What fun!!!!! (And so SWEET that Hannah is home from her amazing adventure.) XO

  9. How did the 4-year-old enjoy the Duck Tour? I’ve been thinking of taking Gregory, so he can see Boston without running himself (and us!) ragged.

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