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Good Monday morning, friends! It was another perfect summer weekend here as we made the transition from July to August. My only complaint about the weekend, and it’s generally my only complaint about every weekend, is that it was too short. Here are the highlights for you.

We started our weekend on Thursday night in the way we love best – hanging out on the deck, having snacks and cocktails, listening to music, and catching up on the week while making plans for the days to come.

dragonfly for carole knits

barretts pond for carole knits

On Friday we headed to the campground where Dale’s sister has been for the last week or so. It’s the same campground that Dale went to throughout his childhood and we also took our kids there every summer for years. It was wonderful to be back in that spot. To swim in the pond, to canoe and fish, to reminisce about the time Hannah did this or Luke said that, about the many many campfires we had and the long lazy days we spent there. In other words – we had a great time.

ppbc hydrangea for carole knits

ppbc for carole knits

On Saturday we hung out at home, catching up on a few things, eating cucumber sandwiches from our seemingly endless supply of cucumbers thanks to our CSA. In the evening I went with Dale to his band job. This job is one the band does every summer and it’s always been a huge deal for the guys – the crowd makes them feel like rock stars and they just love that. It’s a private party but I was invited to attend this year through a good friend at work. I think Dale was apprehensive about me going – thinking maybe I’d tease them about it or think that it wasn’t quite as big a deal as the guys have described. He needn’t have worried. Not only is the setting fantastic (it’s a private beach club) but the people attending were warm and friendly and yes, crazy for the band.

sign and sunflower for carole knits

On Sunday we again hung out at home, eating a big breakfast together, reading well into the afternoon, and then retiring to the deck once the sun set low in the sky. Dale’s dad joined us for dinner and we had a really nice visit. We ended the evening by waving to the International Space Station as it flew over our house.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Awesome! Great weekend for you! We drove some Subaru’s, did some serious deck sitting, and also had dinner with my Dad. Happy Monday Carole!

  2. YOU LET A BUG SIT ON YOUR FOOT?! Oops, sorry–what I meant to say was glad you had a wonderful summer weekend.

  3. You’re describing a perfect summer weekend! I love your chalkboard art and lovely sayings. You do good work whether it’s chalk art or food and drink art!

  4. I think we saw the ISS crossing our sky last Thursday evening… there’s another sighting tonight, so I will confirm (if I remember) that that’s indeed what we saw.

    You might enjoy following Scott Kelly on Instagram — he’s sharing photos right from ISS! They are AMAZING.

  5. your weekend sounds and looks amazing…mine was quiet (and hot, but I’m trying hard not to dwell too much on that these days).

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