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Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Today my daughter Hannah is 23 years old. 23. Twenty.three. I keep typing it and looking at it, with my head cocked a little to the side and trying to make it be real somehow. Because, really, wasn’t this:

hke (2)

Just a few years ago?


In truth that was 22 years ago. She was just over a year old and she loved to go through the house and clean for me. Too bad that stage didn’t last, right?

hannah birthday charlie horse for carole knits

And here she is now. What a year it’s been since her last birthday! She has graduated from college – summa cum laude, in case you hadn’t heard. She has been to Oxford – she got an A in her class, by the way. She has been to Wales and London and has traveled by herself to Iceland. She has gotten a full time job as a Special Education teacher. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she also has a boyfriend now. (Mama is adjusting.)

To say we are proud would be an understatement. To say that we are so happy to see her thriving  and seeing her dreams come true, both professionally and personally, would be the absolute truth.

She is smart and kind, caring and creative, beautiful and silly and my heart just sort of explodes when I think about how much I love her.

Won’t you join me and wish my girlie a happy birthday? Thanks, guys.


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  1. Happy Birthday to Hannah! I’ve come to love her as much as my own kids, and I’m so very proud of all her accomplishments <3

  2. Happy birthday, Hannah! Isn’t amazing how they just . . . unfold . . . and turn into adults right before our eyes??? Just really freakin’ amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Happy Hannah’s Birthday to you, Carole! I hope she has a great day today and a wonderful year ahead, full of much more good stuff!

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

    (May I add? congrats to all those who love her enough to invest in her to help her become all those things you mentioned!)

  5. Happy Birthday Hannah. I’ve been reading about your accomplishments for quite some time. No wonder your Mom is so proud of you.

  6. Happy birthday to Hannah! You are both so blessed to have each other. I feel the same way about my son……who is this man and where is my darling little boy?!!……not that I don’t love and idolize the man he’s become. Just doesn’t seem possible that that many years have gone by. Happy day to all of you.

  7. Happy Birthday Hannah!!

    It only gets better, Mama. I had to come to terms with 30 this year. I type it or say it real fast and then move on!!

  8. Happy birthday, Hannah! What an exciting year you’ve had, but the adventures only get better from here! Have fun!

  9. Wow, one candle; what a big girl! Special ed is the best kind of teaching job (it was my profession, too, so I know.)

  10. Happy Birthday, Hannah! (and happy mama day to you, Carole) – it has been a complete pleasure to watch you grow up … and share vicariously in all those adventures and accomplishments. I hope everyone is proud…they should be!

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