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Ten On Tuesday

As always when it’s a holiday weekend, the Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Did This Weekend. Ready?

labor day weekend collage

  1. Hung out at home. After 2 weeks away and an immediate return to work it was nice to have some quiet time at home.
  2. Picked up our CSA share. We’re still getting lots of corn and peppers and vegetables but this week we also got pumpkins. I’m not ready for that.
  3. Visited Mashnee Island with our friends Ken and Leslie. This is a small Cape Cod community and I spent several summers there as a kid when my grandmother rented a house for all of us. There will be more on this later.
  4. Swam in the ocean. It was more like floating but the water was so beautiful that I stayed in for over 45 minutes. That is very rare for me as I’m usually a quick in-and-out kind of swimmer. I think I was storing up the feeling for the long months of no-ocean-time ahead.
  5. Drank tequila. So quick and easy with just a few ice cubes and a squeeze of fresh lime. And the added bonus is that it reminds me of Mexico.
  6. Rearranged the glasses and dishes in my dining room hutch. For years I’ve had an assortment of pretty serving pieces in there. It was nice but not very functional. Last week I had the brilliant idea to put all of our wine glasses on those shelves instead and I have to say it not only looks much better but it will work much better for entertaining, too.
  7. Made a blueberry pie. Because summer.
  8. Had a wonderful lobster feast with my cousin Len and the rest of the family. We also celebrated birthdays – Len’s daughter Megan’s, his daughter-in-law Tara’s, and Len and Hannah’s – both September 3rd, by the way. It was a great day to be together, to eat lots (and lots!) of lobster and steamers, to play Yard Yahtzee and enjoy a campfire and relax.
  9. Processed vacation photos. I’m working on getting caught up on flickr so that I can share my September photo mosaic.
  10. Finished my 27th book since Labor Day, enabling me to get a cover all for Summer Book Bingo. More on this tomorrow.

And there you have it, my weekend summary. I hope your weekend was great and I also hope you wrote a blog post to share with all of us. If you did, please include your link below. As always, if you’d like to subscribe to the weekly Ten on Tuesday email, please click here.

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  1. Can’t wait for your photos. The perfect virtual vacay for those of us with no ocean nearby. No pressure or anything.

  2. Of all these things, I love the rearranging of the glasses the most. I know what it’s like to have that feeling that something could be working better, and when you figure out what to do and make the simple change that has a huge impact, that is the best feeling.

  3. I think I forgot to drink all weekend! I ran from one thing to the other and maybe only had a glass of wine once…maybe twice? OMG. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to admit here. I need more summertime!

  4. What did I predict? Fun filled weekend! So jealous of the lobster. Finally, can’t wait for the books post.

  5. I envy your 45 minutes in the ocean! It sounds like a terrific weekend! Thanks for the prompt & chance to reflect on my own long weekend!

  6. Hanging out at home is pretty much what I did all weekend! Sounds like you had a good blend of relaxing and yet still doing fun stuff. Happy short work week!

  7. Your weekend sounds like a delightful balance of fun & crossing things off the list. And…pie, always makes for a good weekend!

  8. your weekend sounds like a perfect end to summer…so cool that you got to celebrate September birthdays, too – I know you must love when Labor Day is late enough that Hannah’s birthday is part of summer!

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