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My weekend was a good one and I hope yours was, too.

weekend instagram collage

This here collage of instagram photos sums it up pretty well.

I got some stuff ready for fall, including new wreaths on the front door and kitchen door, along with some scattered things inside.

I had a very relaxing evening on the deck with Dale, starting with martinis and appetizers, followed by steaks, and ending with dancing in the kitchen. You know how we roll.

I baked a pie for a pie contest sponsored by our local business association. I didn’t win but I got high marks. Or so I’ve been told. I will say that apple pie is not my specialty but I did give it my best shot.

I also read a lot, watched some tv, did some planning for our Halloween party, and – last but definitely not least – booked a trip to Vegas with two of my closest friends who also have 50th birthdays this year.

It was, as most weekends are, too short and I savored every moment of it.

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  1. I savored mine, too but used up every single minute of it. I’d love to have your touch with decorations to celebrate the fall season. The leaves are changing in our higher elevations and autumn is upon us!

  2. Well, I bet your pie was the prettiest. Apologies for telling you I was looking forward to the post about books, then not commenting. Two great gal pals and I left town early to head for a knitting retreat in Buena Vista (great town in the Colorado Rockies). So, I am planning to return to the book post and read closely this time! Happy Monday!

  3. Vegas, Baby! I’ve never been, but it sounds like the perfect place to celebrate fabulous FIFTY! We saw a hint of fall here this weekend, too…I hope it lasts a little longer.

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