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50 Is Fabulous. And Fun!

Thank you all so very much for the comments wishing me a happy birthday! I read and responded to everyone and it was just awesome to get them throughout the day. Dale was thrilled with the accolades for his blog post, too. I should also say – he really hit the mark about how I feel about turning 50.

And let me tell you, that blog post was just the tip of the iceberg on my fabulous and fun 50th birthday. My morning started with a sweet note from Dale left by the coffee pot, along with a rock he picked up for me with the word “grace” engraved on it. (You may not recall but grace is my One Little Word for 2015.)

birthday decorations office 1 for carole knits

birthday decorations office 2 for carole knits

When I got to work at the library I found that my office had been decorated to celebrate my birthday. And when I say decorated what I actually mean is that it looked like the Birthday Fairy threw up all over my office.

birthday decorations office 3 for carole knits

I absolutely loved it. I laughed out loud and I got a little teary eyed to think about my staff working so hard to make me feel special on my birthday.

carole 50th birthday in office for carole knits

I even got Amy, the Assistant Director, to take a picture of me sitting at my desk while wearing my birthday crown.

coa birthday cake for carole knits

At the Council on Aging, where I also work, the seniors all wore paper party hats at lunch time and they sang Happy Birthday to me. There was a homemade chocolate cake, too. Yummmmm. And we just won’t talk about the firefighter hat and the joke they were trying to make. Truthfully, working there makes me feel young.

People thought I was crazy for wanting to work on my birthday but I’m here to tell you, the love I got from my colleagues made it all worth it! And the celebrating didn’t end when I left work! Hannah and Dale outdid themselves throwing me that family pizza party.

50 blows and sucks for carole knits

Hannah decorated the house with balloons and photos of me throughout the years, she made a special birthday pennant and she got bouquets of zinnias. Dale gave up his whole day to get the house ready, to ice soda and beer and wrap gifts and more.

sangria station for carole knits

There was a sangria station. With paper straws, of course.

birthday cheese plate for carole knits

And a delicious cheese platter – Hannah even went to Whole Foods and got me my favorite cheese. Mysteriously, though, that one didn’t make it on to the cheese platter. (Okay, I confess that I hid it in the fridge so that I wouldn’t have to share it.)(I may have also hidden the cookies that my cousin Peggy brought me. Don’t judge me. They are my favorite.)

birthday pizza for carole knits

There was lots and lots of pizza from my favorite pizza place.

50th birthday cake for carole knits

birthday cake with candles for carole knits

I had a fabulous cake made by my friend Caroline of Buttercup’s Bakery.

birthday m&ms for carole knits

There were even martini glasses filled with personalized M&Ms that said Carole is 50! on them. (Those were a gift from my awesome coworker Julie.)

I had gifts, including several grown up coloring books, cash (which I will be saving for Vegas), gift cards to my favorite sushi restaurant, jewelry, books and more.

It was a truly wonderful evening with my family. I loved having them here to celebrate with me and it made my birthday complete.

the remains of the day

Truthfully, I’m a little verklempt at how loved I felt yesterday. I never wanted a big party but I did want to celebrate somehow and this was just perfect. My 50s are off to a wonderful start but I do predict a tad more celebrating in the days to come. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed.


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Carole! Sorry that I missed the exact date, but the best wishes for a great year remain just as sincere.

  2. I’m a ‘no big party’ kind of girl too. BUT it is important to allow people who want to celebrate you tell you that you’re important in their life. And if you can’t hide your favorite cheese or cookies on your birthday the it ain’t really a party!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed my big party for my 50th, but somehow your family celebration seems pretty perfect 🙂

  4. You are clearly very much loved and your milestone birthday was honored with the celebration you deserve. Nice that Hannah got your favorite cheese, hence saving you from a sugar coma! Again, happy birthday and happy decade!

  5. Your 50th sounds like a perfectly lovely way to celebrate. It just shows how much you mean to so many people and the impact your life has made on them. You live well and you should (and will) celebrate well! xox

  6. I was on vacation and completely missed, trying to slowly catch up on blogs so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Seems like you had a good one!

  7. It’s so nice that your colleagues think so well of you, congrats! I LOVE the canning jar jokes (hmmm, on whom can I inflict that?) On a personal note, my birthday happens to fall on a major holiday and, consequently, no one EVER forgets it even when I wish it could go by unnoticed.

  8. I’m glad your day turned out so special. An extra special day for an extra special person. Now the count down to Vegas begins!!!!!!!!!

  9. That cake looks wonderful! I would be busy lobbying for a piece with lots of those frosting flowers. Glad 50 is off to a great start!

  10. I’ve been out of cell and wifi range, so just catching up. Happy big birthday! It’s nice having a memorable event to make turning 50 worth it. Welcome to my side of 50 ?

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