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Ten On Tuesday

It’s Monday, early evening, and I just have a few minutes to bang out this post and get you all caught up on the weekend. That’s right, it was a long weekend and the Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things I Did This Weekend.

fall leaves for carole knits

  1. As you all know, a major part of our weekend was spent honoring Bob. I attended his wake on Friday afternoon and again on Friday evening. Monday was the memorial service and I have so much to tell you all about that but it’s going to get it’s own post. For now let me just say that it was perfectly Bob.
  2. I read on the deck. The weather here was beautiful and warm. I finished 2 books over the weekend, Eleanor and Park and The Bookseller.
  3. I went to Target and I didn’t buy anything. That’s right. They didn’t have what I was looking for (a luggage rack) and I walked out. I’m calling that a Columbus Day weekend miracle.
  4. I went to Costco and I bought lots of wine. And some beer. But mostly wine.
  5. I visited with my neighbor who is moving. I’m going to miss him but the good news is that he’s going to be living in the town where I work. I’m glad about that.
  6. I made delicious venison chili. Not too spicy, extra beans, perfect comfort food.
  7. I watched the Pats handily beat the Dallas Cowboys. Brady got sacked (a lot) and that was disturbing but they still won and it was good, so good.
  8. I saw 3 out of our 4 kids. That doesn’t happen very often and, of course, the reason behind that was sad, but still, it was so nice to have my kids all in one place. At the memorial service Dale and I didn’t get to sit with them because we had reserved seats behind the family but I’ll tell you, the minute that service was over I just said, where are my kids? I want to hold my kids.
  9. I attended the 50th birthday part of one of my high school friends. Linda and I have known each other since she was 15 and it was so good to celebrate with her and her family and friends. Her kids each spoke and the tributes they gave are so well deserved; Linda is one of the hardest working women I know and she’s been through a lot but her life is blessed and I’m so glad.
  10. Dale and I picked up this lady at the airport. We’re going to be having some adventures together for a couple of days. Woo hoo!

And that was my weekend. Lots of ups and downs, honestly, but those downs just make you realize how wonderful life can be. How was your weekend?

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  1. The thing that stands out, so much so that I am having difficulty collecting my thoughts about the other nine things on your list, is walking out of Target without buying anything. I had no idea that was even possible. I don’t know a soul who has ever done it. . . until now.

  2. What a weekend, so full of emotion. Good for you, walking out of Target empty-handed! I’ve done it before and it’s such a fine feeling. I also have a personal challenge to stay out of Wal-mart too. It just keeps me out of trouble. Have a wonderful visit with Kym.

  3. I thought Kym’s visit might be the reason you were looking for a luggage rack, but I bet she’ll be even more impressed with your Columbus Day miracle…and lots of wine! Have fun!

  4. …finally visiting and catching up – can’t wait to read more about Kym’s visit and the celebrations for Bob. feels like a month I was away, not just a week!

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