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Ten On Tuesday

Our prompt for this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic was inspired by NaNoWriMo. No, I’m not confused, I know what we are doing is NaBloPoMo but this whole thing originally started as NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. In the spirit of novel writing, I has asked participants to write (10 times) a sentence that would make a great first line of a novel. Get those creative juice flowing!

coloring for carole knits

  1. As she drove down the road headed west, she couldn’t help but think how different everything was going to be now.
  2. Her reflection in the mirror stared back at her and she wondered, who is that woman?
  3. The moon rose in the sky and the garden was bathed in beautiful white light.
  4. When I was seven years old I saw a unicorn in my backyard.
  5. The attic was stifling hot but that didn’t deter Emily from her mission: she had to find that trunk.
  6. The trick, he decided, was to just ignore the pain and keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  7. The knife in her hands, the biggest she had ever seen, was wet and sticky with blood.
  8. Sometimes, when I talk to the dead, they answer me.
  9. You have to get up early to see it, but there is nothing so spectacular as a beautiful sunrise over a beach in Mexico.
  10. I am old and tired now but when I was young I was a showstopper.

I have no desire to write a novel so don’t expect any of these sentences to go any further – but it was fun coming up with them and thinking about what kind of story might follow. I hope you all played along today, please include a link to your post below so that we can all come read it. As always, if you want to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday email list click here.

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  1. This was an interesting topic! I found out I can’t write, but do appreciate the writing of others. I want to hear more about the unicorn!

  2. You should write that book! You’ve got some really good opening lines and if nothing else, maybe you should try a paragraph or a short story. You’re good!

  3. You may not want to write a novel but you are a talented writer Carole! I think we need to continue with the story of the unicorn.

  4. I do not have one creative writing bone in my body even though I love to read. You have a hidden talent my friend. 🙂

  5. You professionally work with books, so why not try something new and create a best-seller? After the first book, you and Dale could retire to a balmy island somewhere in the south pacific as you write best seller #2. After that, maybe some time in Europe to get inspired for your next one and so on…it’s a wonderful life! Dare to dream!

  6. this one was a lot of fun – as always! I wonder how many of our favorite books began with the first line? and if you do decide to continue, this line’s my favorite – I am old and tired now but when I was young I was a showstopper. I can even see it as a movie!

  7. Numbers 4 and 8 are my favorites. Please write more if the mood strikes you. If I were participating I would need a week to come up with my 10 lines!

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