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Ten On Tuesday

Mary emailed me the other day and said she had an idea for a Ten On Tuesday topic: Ten Ideas for November Daily Blogging, or NaBloPoMo, as it’s fondly called. Now. I am in no way committing to blogging daily in November by offering this as a topic. I’m going to be out of town for part of the month and I haven’t figured out yet if I want to take this on, but, I think it’s a great topic and I know some of you may be looking for inspiration so here we go!

library oct 2015 for carole knits

  1. On Mondays post about your weekend. Weekending, as we call it, is a great topic for a blog post.
  2. On Tuesday participate in Ten On Tuesdays. Duh.
  3. On Wednesdays talk about knitting. Or not knitting and some other hobby like quilting or reading. In other words, Wednesday is hobby day.
  4. On Thursdays do Throwback Thursday. Show an old photo and tell a story about it. Repost an older blog post that you think was exceptional for some reason. You get the idea.
  5. On Fridays post a beautiful photo for Eye Candy Friday.
  6. How about Selfie Saturday with a selfie each week? You could do that on Sunday, also. I’m big on the alliteration thing for this stuff.
  7. I know one year we did Sunday Suppers and talked about favorite foods from our childhood or things we like to cook on Sundays. Another Sunday idea is to take a prompt from Kim Klassen and post a photo for My Still Sunday. We all love still life photos, right? I mean, I’m kind of crazy about them and I wouldn’t be able to do Project 365 without them.
  8. In general my biggest advice is take lots and lots of photos. You can be inspired to blog about anything if you have a good photo to start the post. Take photos when you are cooking, take photos when you are driving to work (pull over first, please), take photos when you go for a pedicure or to the grocery store – take photos and your blog posts will take care of themselves. Well, mostly.
  9. Visit BlogHer for writing prompts.
  10. There are also some excellent ideas here. I definitely see some inspiring ideas on that list.

And there you have it – plenty of ideas for a month of daily blogging. Are you in?

If you wrote a post for today please include a link to it below so that we can all come and read it. As always, if you’d like to sign up for the weekly Ten On Tuesday topic, please click here.

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  1. I had no idea about BlogHer or the other writing prompts – thank you for those. For the first time in many years, I am going to be going for daily blogging in November.

  2. Can’t decide yet whether I’m “in” or not. Maybe??? Your list offers some helpful suggestions . . . I’m thinking Still Life Saturdays would be a great theme. (NOT that I’m commiting or anything.)

  3. I blog daily–a different meme each day, and some book talk and other general yammering. You’ve got great ideas for when I need some inspiration! I hope mine are up to task.

  4. I like the alliteration, too! 🙂

    And I love taking photos. Even if you aren’t a blogger, taking pictures is inspiring. It captures beauty. It makes memories. It catches and freezes bits of life! Love it!

    Still life and inanimate objects are one of my favorite categories to photograph.

    Happy week!

  5. I’m not committing, either, but I want to hang out with the fun kids. Last week I printed a calendar and I’m trying to fill it in ahead of time and maybe even get up a few posts.

  6. I started a blog a few years ago, and it lasted for about 15 minutes—I came to the conclusion that I either had time to actually knit, craft and cook, or I had time to write about doing those things, but not both. So I think I know how much time and work goes into a well-tended blog like yours. In my little town here in Iowa, I don’t really have a knitting or sewing community, so I have found one online. I read your blog every morning, first thing when I get to work, so THANK YOU for all the time, creativity, and discipline you put into this. It is appreciated!

    May I also add “post a picture of your pet” to your list? I especially love Olive over at “Mason-Dixon Knitting.” She is SO photogenic.

  7. I’m 80% in…thank-you for the links too! We need something to brighten November until we get to Thanksgiving right? 🙂

  8. That’s a great list! And I like Kym’s “Still Life Saturday” idea. The links to the prompts are PERFECT — sometimes that’s just the spark!

  9. I am really excited that SO many of my blogging friends are taking on the challenge of blogging every day in Nov. The 10 on Tuesday topic this week has produced lots of great ideas for blogging If I had a blog, I’d be tempted to try myself.

  10. Thank you for hosting this prompt! and for the great idea about Selfie Saturday (or Sunday). I’m always wanting to get more of myself into my daily photos and this will accomplish both. (also, do you know about Barb Brookbank at Keeping with the Times – she hosts Sunday Sundries on her blog and IG about celebrating the little things – she is another friend of Kim K’s)

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