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Thanksgiving Playlist

It’s well established how much I love our Sonos speakers. Since we bought these last January music has filled our home in a way that it hasn’t for years. They are great to use with Pandora and also excellent with playlists I create on my iPhone. This week I worked on a playlist for Thanksgiving and it includes, of course, We Gather Together, the quintessential Thanksgiving hymn. It also consists of songs you might not associate with this holiday but that remind me of being home and with the ones I love. Songs like Ashoken Farewell, These Are the Days and Apron Strings.

Finally, it includes, as any hippie Thanksgiving playlist should, Alice’s Restaurant. You all know the story of the Thanksgiving Day Massacree, right? If you don’t go on and have a listen. I’ll be here waiting for the 18 minutes and 20 seconds it will take you.

dale as arlo for carole knits

Dale, doing his best Arlo Guthrie impersonation, will be waiting, too.

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  1. Good Morning!! That was fun. I didn’t listen but will probably be humming Alice’s Restaurant all day and laughing to myself.

  2. Great idea to make a playlist for Thanksgiving. We listen to Alice’s Restaurant every year before dinner. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without listening to that classic.

  3. I have heard the Alice song a million times this month, as well as the Pickle song! How can it be 50 years?! Have fun!!!! (I know you will.)

  4. I love Ashoken Faerwell and anything else my Jay Unger & Molly Mason-their music reminds me of my hometown in the Catskills. We always listen to Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving…did you know that it has been 50 years since the song was written? Enjoy!

  5. Arlington Guthrie Dale cracked me up. You technical skills amaze me–we still play cd’s at our house!

  6. Just checked out your link to Sonos. Can they be used to listen to music on a CD player or is it just for streaming? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. Tom and I listen to Alice’s Restaurant every year as we prep the turkey for the oven. It’s one of my favorite traditions. (Sometimes we dance a little, too.)

  8. My folks have played “Alice’s Restaurant” every Thanksgiving since I was born. When my brother and I were kids, we objected to the song so much we’d run into our rooms and turn up our own music to drown it out, resulting in increasingly loud music from all over the house. (I’m sure the neighbors loved those moments.) When we got a car with a tape deck, my dad would take the opportunity of the drive home from Thanksgiving to indoctrinate us in a trapped space. One year, my brother and I thought we’d be clever by stealing the tape. It didn’t work, of course; my dad just made another copy. But when I was helping my folks move house years later, I discovered that cassette still hidden between the drawers of my bureau.

    But my dad’s persistence paid off: it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some time spent on the Group W bench.

  9. Oh my! Dale is so funny! And we listen to Alice’s Restaurant every Thanksgiving, usually on the radio on the way to the relatives house. One of the boys wanted to drive himself this year, and I was like, “no, I was looking forward to Alice’s restaurant in the car with you!”

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. Alice’s Restaurant is a Thanksgiving standard at our house, too. When Elder Son spent that holiday with his college girlfriend’s family in DC, he discovered that they did not know that *song*. So he played it for them.

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