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Is NaBloPoMo Over Yet?

Hey, what’s going on? How are you?

I’m doing just fine. I’m busy prepping a turkey dinner for later this afternoon – it’s not another Thanksgiving, really, since the house is now decorated for Christmas (hullo, tired from that yesterday but also, hurrah, it’s done) but we eat Thanksgiving food. I guess it’s Thanksmas and it’s a tradition we started a few years ago with the kids and we all look forward to it so much. There’s no stress and pressure to get everything exactly.right like there is on Thanksgiving, it’s just a fun day to hang out together and eat a big meal and play some games. Oh, and drink wine. And wear paper crowns because Christmas crackers.

bourbon cranberry sauce for carole knits

We’ll be eating this Bourbon Cranberry Sauce. It’s a 21+ side dish, if you will, and it’s delicious!

Hope you all are having a delicious Saturday – the last one of November. Hurrah for that, too!

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  1. We made our cranberry sauce with the addition of red wine this year, but we had been eyeing the Bourbon Cranberry Sauce recipes on Pinterest, too!

  2. No bourbon here, cranberried or otherwise. We did however finally accomplish Thanksgiving today. Not sure I’m up to an additional holiday between turkey day and Christmas, but you make it sound pretty low key and appealing. Plus, bourbon!

  3. I make bourbon cranberry sauce too but I can see that yours has something mine does not: orange peel maybe? I’d love to know your recipe. Mine gets made in the oven which is brilliant as it takes very little attention and comes out perfect every time. I think I got it from Epicurious. But: is that orange peel??

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