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thanksmas selfie for carole knits

Behold our really bad family selfie. Well. Bad lighting.  And mediocre composition. The smiles on those faces are pretty awesome, though. And at least I got everyone in the picture.

And we had a great evening. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, along with that delicious cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts and squash. We drank lots of wine and listened to Christmas music and just enjoyed being together as a family.

Today I am recuperating. Resting my foot (stupid plantar fasciitis is back), knitting, watching some Christmas movies, and waiting for Dale to finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once that’s done there may be some shopping and a little more decorating.

What a great long weekend it’s been!

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  1. Your photographer’s eye may wish the lighting and composition was better, but it really is a great family photo! I especially love those rays illuminating Dale in his crown!

    P.S. You may have tried these already, but rubbing Aspercreme on my plantar area 3x/day, these insoles and this foot massage ball cleared up my plantar fasciitis in ~2 weeks. Hope you get relief soon!

  2. Re: plantar fasciitis. You didn’t ask for advice, but imma give it anyway. Before you stand up, extend your affected foot with the knee bent. Slowly straighten your leg. Now stand up and go on your way. Somehow this stretches the muscles/tendons/whatevers that shorten as you sit in such a way that does not re-injure the plantar fascia. But you have to remember to do it EVERY time before you stand up. When I had that condition the two doctors I saw were worthless; it was a friend and fellow sufferer who told me about this. Clearly, she had a better doc.

    BTW, that is a GREAT photo! The light beams make it magical!

  3. A clinician I work with swears by Sam-E for plantar fasciitis. It is available in the supplement section of the grocery store or in pharmacies. I have it in my left heel and have only begun to take the Sam-E so I don’t yet know if it will work. The google sites indicate that it is very effective for muscle, tendon, joint pain and for arthritis. There are some contraindications so be sure to read up on it if you decide to take it.

    FWIW, another friend is a NICU nurse who had it in both feet. Her doctor told her that it was a very common problem in nurses because they are on their feet all the time and commonly wear clogs. heh I wear clogs all the time but am not on my feet a lot. I guess he was 50% right in my case.

    If you decide to use the Sam-E, let me know how you did! 🙂

  4. Plantar fasciitis is miserable–not only has it taken out my favorite quarterback, but now my favorite blogger. Hope some of the advice you got is helpful. Love the crowns and the beautiful family!

  5. Some of my favorite photos of the people I love are terrible photographic specimens. You all look happy and that’s all that matters!! Hope your foot is better soon.

  6. What a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    I’m several days behind in my blog reading at the moment, but I wanted to say that my husband has been suffering with plantar fasciitis. He’s finally broken down and gone to PT since good arch support, always wearing shoes with arch support (including his slippers), and stretching before bed and first first thing in the morning weren’t enough. Also one of our doctor’s has recommended the night booties that keep you from pointing your toes in your sleep. PT has him picking up 20 marbles a foot with his toes and putting them in a cup and towel scrunching with his toes. Also rolling the arch on a frozen bottle (traditional coke shape is best according to our PT). Good luck.

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