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Cookie Baking With Joy

I was right when I said that yesterday would be filled with joy. So much! We measured and melted, stirred and pressed, baked and tasted, and had a great time together.

There’s something truly special about spending the day in the kitchen with a friend. We reminisced – we’ve been friends now for over 30 years so we have lots to reminisce about – and we told stories and we laughed and even cried a bit. 

And somehow, in the midst of all that talking and sharing, we managed to bake a lot of cookies. The final tally included spritz, thumbprints, peanut butter balls, ginger cookies, cherry chocolate kisses and salted chocolate toffee. Sushi, wine and a sleep over, too, if you want to know the whole story.

It was a wonderful day and I can’t wait to do it again next Christmas. 

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  1. Sounds perfect. From that photo, I rather expect Santa is looking forward to your house. I would be.

  2. Why wait ’til Christmas next year? Find another reason to do something similar together. It really sounds like it was wonderful.

  3. So fun! I’m heading up north tomorrow for a baking day on Saturday with Annie & a friend. She rented the commercial kitchen again and I’m looking forward to using the gigantic Hobart mixer for some of my multiple batches!

    Your cookies look delicious. I love spritz but never made them… probably because I love them (too much). 😉

  4. When I lived in Richmond, VA, a friend and I did this several years. We were stay-at-home Moms at the time. Our toddlers played together while we started, we’d eat lunch, put them down for naps, and then we’d go to town! So many cookies to share! And a fun day for all of us.

  5. What a wonderful tradition you’ve just created! So much fun! I’ve never had a baking-day with a friend before — but it sounds like the best. (I love spritz cookies. I hate to make them before because my cookie press is the Tool of the Devil. Every year I say I’m going to get a new one. And every year I don’t. Wish me luck.)

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