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Christmas, 2015: That’s a Wrap!

christmas morning 2015 for carole knits

We had a perfectly wonderful Christmas around here. Our Christmas Eve gathering was festive and fun, with old friends and new, family and surprise guests from out of town – it was truly a perfect combination of people. We ate Swedish food, drank wine, sang songs, told stories, socialized on the deck (yes, it was a record breaking warm evening) and even opened a gift or two. I have very few pictures – okay, I have 8 and only about 3 are any good – but I think that’s a testament to what a great time I was having.

Christmas Day got off to a slow start and that was perfectly fine with me. We feasted late morning on eggs, cardamom bread, monkey bread and shrimp. We drank mimosas and opened gifts together in our jammies. The kids all went in different directions by 3 and Dale and I had cocktails on the deck with his dad, celebrating the warm weather and our good fortune to have had such a wonderful day. We ended the evening by watching Love Actually and it actually was perfect.

I hope you all had a terrific time doing whatever it is you do that makes you happy.

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  1. You certainly had a lovely Christmas, slow and enjoyable after all the work you put in before hand. We had a great time visiting friends and enjoying our white Christmas!

  2. We attended the beautiful candlelight and music service of Christmas Eve followed by my sister’s delicious salmon chowder. Christmas morning was a wonderful brunch provided by brother. Then there were gifts and movies, and finally a prime rib dinner. And amazingly,a white Christmas–I thought of you in the balmy northeast.

  3. Your Christmas tree photo is beautiful. Only two of us here, but we had a quiet and loving Christmas. Now, up here in northern Maine, we are preparing for a snow event for tomorrow, that’s life!

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