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Random Time Off? Oh Yeah.

fingerless mitts for carole knits

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday morning. I was working at the COA, which is a rather old building, and my office, which has rather large (floor to ceiling) windows was drafty and cold. I commented that I was glad to be a knitter, under the circumstances.

And then I left the COA and went to the library, which is a rather new building, and my office, which has moderate windows, was frigid. The entire building, in fact, was frigid since the heat (all 4 boilers) wasn’t working. After a flurry of phone calls and quick decisions, we closed for the rest of the day.

And that’s how I found myself with an unexpected afternoon off.

I made excellent use of my time, though.

I blocked a shawl that I finished back in (yikes!) October.

I got caught up on my Scoreboard Cowl.

I listened to a podcast.

And I watched a really bad and very predictable movie on Lifetime.

Okay. Maybe that wasn’t all excellent use of my time. But it was entertaining.

What would you do with an unexpected afternoon off?

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  1. I would have wedged in ‘bake cookies’ or ‘make soup’ but otherwise it would have looked much like your time I probably would have subbed Hulu for the movie, too. Looking forward to the shawl debut.

  2. What a treat! I probably would have done something practical like run errands and catch up on laundry, but I think your afternoon was a much better use of your time!

  3. Knitting and plenty of it! I’m a slow knitter (see cranky elbow) and I’ve decided to knit a hat for a quick trip to NY for the Vogue knitting live conference. I need an afternoon just like yours. Unexpected time off is a blessing. Glad you had a relaxing and productive day.

  4. While I did not have the afternoon off, I did have a light schedule so my afternoon consisted of baking bread and trying out a new recipe for dinner!

    Nothing beats the smell of baking bread on a cold winter’s day!

    2016 should be the year of “unexpected afternoon’s off”! Once a month this would be a lovely treat!

  5. What is it about bad Livetime movies? They’re almost like a train wreck – you just can’t look away. Although I admit to liking some of the cheesy Christmas ones (although those were the Hallmark channel)! I would probably spend an unsexpected afternoon riding. It’s nice to do that before it gets too cold. Hope the boilers are fixed this morning.

  6. In fact, I just found out my class today is canceled so I have an unexpected afternoon free! I’m going to the yarn shop, the tea shop and the drugstore (again). Maybe I’ll have time to knit, too. Being warm is important and I hope the library is warmer today!

  7. Pretty much the same as things that you did! I’ve got a new sweater going so that would have been a great treat! 🙂

  8. Ooo – almost like a snow day, but no shoveling! I would have worked on UNfinished knitted Christmas gifts.

  9. Thankfully, we don’t have cable so I don’t even have to worry about getting tempted by those bad Lifetime movies that hold you in their clutches!! Haha. I’m sure you were doing other things even while watching that… I love surprise time off!

  10. Those Lifetime movies can just suck you in! I would have done about the same as you. Glad you got some extra time to yourself!

  11. Oh, my gosh. I just adore unexpected time off! Best gift possible. (And I’d spend it pretty much like you did.) I hope your heat is fixed quickly, though!

  12. I would happily stay at home…bake some bread, make some ribollita (Tuscan bread soup), spaghetti sauce and meatballs,and eggplant parm – the house would smell heavenly and my Irish ancestors would love every bite!

  13. I love the readers who say they’d bake…that sounds like a double treat! I’d probably spend the afternoon much like you did, except listening to something rather than watching TV. BTW- did you catch the Literary Disco episode with the woman who works for the NYPL? Serious Librarian Love!

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