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As the first weekend after the holiday break I had high hopes for this weekend. I pictured lots of reading, knitting, and relaxing. I also pictured quiet moments with Dale, delicious food and cocktails, some games and TV time. Oh, and the movies. And guess what? It all came to pass.

mason and sock knitting for carole knits

There was knitting – much of it with a cat in my lap.

fondue date night for carole knits

There was food. Fondue Date Night on Friday.

games and snacks for carole knits

And snacks and pizza on Saturday.

There were games. I kicked Dale’s ass at Phase 10.

alden park for carole knits

There was a trip to the movies to see Spotlight – which was fantastic, by the way. And the Boston accents? Spot on. Our movie excursion was followed by a truly lovely evening at Alden Park, a nearby and new-ish place that I’ve been anxious to try. The martinis come with blue cheese stuffed olives, the sliders are delicious and the pulled pork wontons are fabulous.

Not pictured: reading, quiet moments, snuggling on the couch, dancing to Van Morrison, singing along to lots of our favorite songs, trips to the Y, and a bit of local political schmoozing. All good, just not particularly photogenic.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Tell me – what did you do?


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  1. Our weekend involved typical January pursuits. Avoiding bitter cold, playoff football to see who was coming our way next weekend. Oh, and discussing plans for a sunny Spring Training trip in several weeks.

  2. Sounds perfect! And that food! Ours was pretty good…the first normal one in quite a long time. Knitting and cooking included!

  3. That sounds like a fun weekend! Here we had a Date Night on Friday and went to see Joy, then lots of relaxing, football watching, and knitting 🙂

  4. Wow! You need to go back to work to rest up from the weekend. You are right about the cat and knitting synergy (in my case it’s knitting and dachshund).

  5. Sounds heavenly, Carole! I had a quiet weekend, too. I caught up with lots of odds and ends — and feel much more ready to face the new year. XO

  6. I went to Loveland on Saturday to go to the Vintage Whites Market. It was a madhouse. There were way too many people and I didn’t even want to fight the crowds to shop. It made me cranky. Yesterday was Christmas Take Down Day. I always dread it, but love it when the house is clean and clutter free. J said we gained 500 square feet, which sure feels true. I’ve been working on the last sleeve of a sweater and trying not to freeze to death. Your weekend sounds lovely.

  7. Your weekend sounds FABULOUS! I spent most of my weekend knocking out my ‘to do’ list in preparation for an annual knitting retreat I organize in beautiful downtown Clarksville, VA, (alas, no trains go there so no ‘last train’ – earworm, anyone?) for 48 of my knitting peeps, mostly from VA and NC, but one is coming all the way from Atlanta! I’ve got a few more things to do before I load up the car and head down there on Wednesday. I can hardly wait!

  8. knitting, snuggling on the couch (with Holly!), Downton Abbey, a lot of snacks and a few glasses of wine. sadly no martinis – and those blue cheese stuffed olives are my favorite!

  9. Looks like an awesome weekend! Love the knitting-with-cat… it’s rare that my cat will sit on my lap and completely ignore the knitting.

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